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  1. Ok, I have managed to sort this out myself, though Bowthemes Technical support need to address this issue. I found the following which helps: I ran the SQL (from the above link) but I got a Duplicate Key in index 32 error - I subsequently had to manually delete each item from jos_extensions table in phpMyAdmin (replace jos_ with your db prefix) that was being inserted - I re ran the SQL and the issues was resolved. (I could view post installation messages in the backend). However, one of my menu items was throwing up a 404 error - the url was correct, but it was strapping on a /Post-installation%20messages to the URL - I couldn't figure this out, changed the menu title and the alias - all to no success. I finally resoved this in the menu items manager by selecting all menu items and clicking the "Rebuild" button. I hope this may be of some help to others who are experiencing this issue. I have to say, as a seasoned Joomla developer, who has purchased hundreds of templates from many Joomla template providers, the lack of support in Bowthemes leaves a lot to be desired.
  2. Disappointed in the lack of response/support.....
  3. Hi I am using BT Gallery, and I have set a menu item to display Featured Articles, however, I get a 404 error when this menu item is selected - additionally, the URL has added a: /Post-installation%20messages the suffix. Example can be found at Select Home menu item to see the problem. I have done a bit of research into this and it would (possibly) appear that this is an issues with Joomla 3.x and 3.1 templates on a 3.2.x engine. Please assist. Regards Ciaran
  4. Hi I am using BT Onepage and would like to add a different Google font - what files do I need to change? Many thanks
  5. Should I replace the link ref to Titillium Web with my font?, in head.php?
  6. I have done this, but it is not working - is the website. @headingsFontFamily: "PT Serif Caption"; Is there somewhere else I need to add it?
  7. Hi Firstly, just to let you know that your templates are very professional - having purchased numerous templates in the past, Bowthemes are probably the best! Anyway, I am using BT Business template for a project, and wish to change the default font from "Titillium Web" to another font Can you provide me with simple instructions for achieving this please? Many thanks Ciaran
  8. Hi I am using BT Gallery template and trying to use the BT Background Slideshow to display a fullscreen video from YouTube, but nothing is displayed. The site is Menu link that should display the video is "Video" from the main navigation menu.