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  1. When using phpinfo(); I get the following result: 1 in programming usually means it's active. So I'm assuming it's 1. Have you tested on your end to see if BT Content slider can generate thumbnails from external sources? Take this article for example, non of the images are native to the site, hence the module needs to be able to generate images from non local images. Generating thumbnails for local images worked just fine as mentioned in my previous post.
  2. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. allow_url_fopen is set to active right now. I temporarly set error reporting to normal last night and forgot to swap it back to maximum. It's now at maximum. Your first point identified the issue! :D I don't think it's a permission issue, however the images used on the article come from an external source. I'm currently getting the first image from the article rather than the intro image. When the article sources the image from the local site, suddenly it works! It seems BT Content slider does not currently generate thumbnails from external images in the article. I suggest being able to generate thumbnails from external images as well. :)
  3. I first want to start off by saying that I'm impressed with BT Content Slider and is working mostly right (best of the content sliders of Joomla that I've tried). :D Thumbnails currently do not generate properly (currently sourcing from first article image), they are black images. At one point in time I got one of the thumbnails of the articles to load. ;) When not generating a cached thumbnail it works just fine. I'm pretty sure server side I'm well covered, from other Joomla extensions thumbnails genereate just fine as seen here: On my first site linked I turned on error reporting to maximum as requested in a similar thread (you can see the results now). Currently am using Joomla 3.4.3 with PHP 5.5.28 via a webhost. Not much changed in terms of module settings. Let me know if there is any other info I can provide for this. I'm also willing to do e-mail exhange, provide admin details, and access to the site's ftp. I've also: Cleared Joomla's cache Deleted the folder and re-created it as mentioned else where Tested between WWW and non WWW url's via .htaccess
  4. I very much like the design of BT Login. Unfortunately only one BT Login module is allowed per page. I played around with the module inserting mode which it allowed me to place a translator module inside it which I find very neat and effective. :cheer: So why not have a separate extension for this kind of ability for displaying modules? Or perhaps might you know of a extension that does this? Definitely interesting.
  5. When using the custom login module I end up with 2 logouts as seen in the screen shot below: [attachment=561]login.png[/attachment] There should be an option to disable the logout button from the module display so that I would only show up once. The plugin called "Hot Login" has an option called "Quick Logout" which logs out just by clicking the logout button. :cheer:
  6. Does this template work with joomla 2.5?