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  1. Hello Tronghm, Sorry for not answering your question. I changed in helper.php line 143 to line 153 from "$tmp->url = JURI::base();" changing to "$tmp->url = JURI::base(true);" The script and css files here mentioned are now loaded as a relative link and with ssl as a secure path. Now the website is online but still the source code shows the images with a absolute link with http://www etc......... And this gives a lot of warnings in the testing console off chrome. Please can you tell me where I have to make changes to fix these problems? Have a nice day Webmiep Could this be difined in the files.php on line 26?
  2. Hello Tronghm, I solved the problem byeditting the helper.php files. I closed your useraccount in the website. If you want to know what I changed I will send this to you tomorrow. Thanks for your time. Kind regards webmiep
  3. Hi Tronghm, The backend is oke. But at the frontend the pictures are shown all together in a row and the texts below the pictures. It looks like there is no contact with script and css. You can only see this in the . My client already published the website with ssl but with a script which gets these absolute links without https I hope you can see the difference. And solve the problem for me. Kind regards. Webmiep
  4. Hello, I will send you the login to solve the problem. Please I hope you can help me out. Because the website is publisched now with a script running which get all links out of the http scheme if there is an absolute link. I hope you will find the solution before the end of the year. Kind regards Webmiep
  5. Hello, Thanks for your answer. I now can show you what the problem is. I will send 2 printscreens of the sourcecode. The problem is that the slideshowPRO and also the contentslider give absolute links to the css files and scripts. Where in the modules is the code and what do I need to change this? I need relative links here. I hope you will understand this now? Thanks for your time Kind regards Webmiep
  6. Hello, Thanks for your answer. I use uploader. There is no contact with css and no picture shown anymore. In the source code of the page we see the absolute url. I changed this in template of the website. But the slideshowPRO does not function still because of absolute url. Kind regards Webmiep
  7. Hello, The slideshow is not working with ssl certificate because of absolute links to the module. Please tell me where I have to make the changes. Thanks for your time Kind regards Webmiep
  8. Hello, Wow thanks for this quick answer!! It works. Have a nice day!!
  9. Hello, I am using Joomla 3.3.6 Bt slideshow version 2.1.8 In the administrator of bt slideshow pro I have the uploader active. Many pictures uploaded and functioning always well.Never had this problem before. (see the attached screen print) Yesterday I had a component installed and I saw the same button.There was the possibility to choose for an ajax setting(?) I can remember. Do not know exactly what and how. But I persume I set something out what your uploadbutton is needing. Please can you help me out? Tanks a lot for your time Have a nice day webmiep
  10. How do I set this post as solved?
  11. Thanks a lot!! This helped kind regards Webmiep
  12. Hello Tronghm, No Idea if I use script wich uses right mouse button? The module is functioning in The module is in the footer. If you click on a picture there are two pages with the link the parent and the new tab. Thanks for your attention kind regards Webmiep
  13. Hello, I use contentslider version 2.3.1 and joomla 2.5.27 I have an image in the article and use the A link option of the module. Those links are all external url's. I want to open them in a new browser tab. That's working! But at the same time the external url is opening in the page where I click. I made an menu item of the categorie. I made an menuitem of the article (not visible) but these things do not make only the blanc target work. Also I cannot use the option in the module to use all articles of a Joomla categorie. Please can someone tell me what did I have wrong configured? Kind regards Webmiep
  14. Hello, I solved the problem myself. Sorry for bothering you. The website is made in 2 lanuages. In the link tab I have to put on the matching principle "and" So module is shown only on the menu item in choosen language. Have anice day. Webmiep
  15. Hello, I am uing bt slideshow pro vesion 2.1.8 in a joomla 3.3.6 vrsion. I made sveral sliders for everal pagaes. But when I want to link a sider to one page he appears on every page. I cannot fnd where the problm is. In te menu-item in the tab module assignment the module is on NO. Can you tell me where I have to lookto solv this problem? Have a nice day Kind regards Webmie