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  1. Hi Bowthemes. Ive just installed BT Slideshow again, for a new design (WIP), but everytime i try to make the slideshow fit height (or one of the others for that matter). The slideshow appears as too large for the window size... my calculations tells me that the slideshow is not fitting the "browser part of the window" but the whole window with firefox/chrome toolbar which makes the picture to high/wide and adds scroll effect. Can you help me out :)? Thanks in regards. Martin
  2. it works thanks alot! :)
  3. Do you know why this problem occurs?
  4. I am getting this error now: >> Sending ajax request is failed. Check ajax.php, please. << I need to have an article attached, since its my frontpage, except if you know a better way to do it :) Btw. Your video tutorial gives a bad link
  5. I am using firebug.. What I want to do is: for everytime the background changes, i want a specific article to change with it. As your demo does. :)
  6. Hi. I was wondering. How do i make the content slide with the background image. Just like your demo does it. (this was one of the reasons why i bought the module) Thx in regards. Martin