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  1. In your facebook application page( There is a option called sandbox mode disable it. If the option is enabled, ie if the application is in sandbox mode only the owner(admin) can use it, it needs to be in disabled for user to use it.
  2. When I try to login with Facebook account I have the following message in a popup: Warning Invalid Scopes: publish_stream, offline_access. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at: Pleas fix the files that have old scopes.
  3. See My Print Screen. The Component show me the following messages: - For Twitter: Sended.... but nothing is sended. - For Google Plus: ERROR... authorization error. - In My Log I Have: [04-Jun-2016 19:37:17 America/Sao_Paulo] PHP Warning: Missing argument 1 for Bt_SocialconnectHelper::loadUserFields(), called in /home/pontomegacom/public_html/components/com_bt_socialconnect/helpers/html/social.php on line 148 and defined in /home/pontomegacom/public_html/components/com_bt_socialconnect/helpers/helper.php on line 56 In this lines I have in social.php $user_fields = Bt_SocialconnectHelper::loadUserFields(); helper.php public static function loadUserFields($els)
  4. Same to me. And Twitter do not post nothing. :(