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  1. Tried to use imagecopy() in stead of imagecopyresampled. No effect. Probably something is done in the imageSaveFunc (imagejpeg). I use $quality = 100. What I want is a one on one file copy. So as a workaround I added: if (($dHeight == $sHeight) && ($dWidth == sWidth)) { copy($imgSrc, $imgDest); }
  2. Thanks for the answer. But this doesn't help me. I do not have mod_btslideshow_pro. I found some code in: administrator/com_bt_portfolio/helpers/images.php. The function "resize" does the resizing. I dumped the parameter values to a file while running. But I can not find any strange things here. I suggest that you debug this. Now I bougth a product that I can not use, because of poor quality. Please make a testrun on your computer, and see how the size in kBytes are getting less when comparing "original" and "large".
  3. Hi, I have a big problem I have configured the component as follows Display options: Crop image = Yes JPEG Quality = 100 Image Height = 901 Image Width = 901 Slideshow configs: Slideshow width = 901 Slideshow height = 901. My images have the size 901x901 The images in the folder "Joomla_2.5.6\images\bt_portfolio\72\original" have the size 901x901 The images in the folder "Joomla_2.5.6\images\bt_portfolio\72\large" have the size 901x901 But: the images in de large folder which are picked up in the btp-slideshow are compressed somehow. The quality and image size in kBytes is lower. Somehow ,in the administrator code, during the creation of the "large" directory , the images are compressed. Where??? Thanks in advance. Lampiew
  4. Hi Iris144, I will add black bars to the images myself. I hope that the update will come quick. But also don't forget black bars on top/bottom.
  5. sent it yesterday to you
  6. Hi Allan, override the following class in your template.css in your theme .progress-button { background : transparent; } By the way. Realy Nice pictures on your site. One question to you. How do you make your home page without content. Some setting in your joomla article view? regards
  7. That works! Please note that when you overruled the modulde in your template, you should change templates\bt_foto\html\mod_btimagegallery\default.php Thanks!
  8. I use the component bt_portfolio. As can be seen on the attached image, I also have portrait oriented pictures (aspect ratio 2x3). And also panorama pictures (aspect ratio = 3x1). I have configured the slideshow width and height (732x488) with an aspect ration of 3x2. This is only applicable for all the slideshows. So what I expect is that the portrait oriented pics are not stretched. They should maintain their aspect ratio and get a black bar on the left and right. Also the panorama pictures should get a black bar on the top and bottom. Can this be fixed soon? Lampiew
  9. Can you please tell me where I can find this module? I recently bought the bt_photography_template
  10. Hi, Is it possible to make a time parameter for the transition animation in the default index. Now it is fixed to change each 3 seconds or so? And the duration of the transition is also very fast. So 2 extra params: slideshow speed effect speed. thanks Lampiew
  11. okay solved by overriding with the template.css I think the pagination is wrongly styled by default. So you can probably change it in the module.
  12. Here is a screenshot from my local site
  13. Hi, I'm using version 1.4. As you can see om my "under construction" site on the right. The module alignment of the pagination and the prev next buttons is incorrect. I solved the pagination (local, not on-line yet), by restyling it in my template.css: .bt-ig .pagination The prev next arrows need a fix mod_btimagegallery/tmpl/default.php. div class="slides_container" can you fix this please? thanks alot in advance
  14. Well I just solved it this way. It works! Look at the files I mentioned.
  15. Hi, I have created a theme in template/bt-folio/themes. I want to style the bt_portfolio -> bt_photo theme. In other words I want to overrule the components\com_bt_portfolio\themes\bt_foto\css\style.css. How do I do that? thanks