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  1. 1. How does BT Slideshow Pro handle differently dimensioned images? IFor example, how would it frame, say, an 8x10 image and a 6x6 image in a 1x3 module window? (It may be in the demo video, but I missed it.) 2. Is a BT Slideshow visible on an iPhone? (If 1 & 2 are good - and if pan-and-zoom were available, I might replace all my sites' slide extensions with BT Slideshow Pro.) - David
  2. That did the trick. Thanks for your quick response!
  3. I cannot get article content to display unless I include one or more unwanted pieces of information - Author, Date of Creation, etc. I want to show Title and article content, but requesting just these elements gives me title but no content. (I suspect this problem duplicates one or more already posted but not reponded to.) Looks like a logic problem in the module. Any ideas? Running Content Slider 1.4 on Joomla 2.5, viewing on Firefox.