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Found 48 results

  1. I'm using 5.0.9 version and template Kunena "Crypsisb3" in the project's website. Currently I have a problem of conflict javascript "jquery.simplemodal.js" for BT Social Login. Whenever i visit any one category of Kunena forum shall appear a translucent window and any forced to close it "Image attachment" I have Kunena update to a newer version but also does not resolve the problem But when I disable java "jquery.simplemodal.js" then the program runs good but BT Social Login does not work. I ask is there any way to exclude "jquery.simplemodal.js" when accessing the Kunena forum that retains "jquery.simplemodal.js" BT Social Login segment So look forward to getting your comments help people, I sincerely thank you!
  2. Hi; I'm using your extension and love it, recently I have a problem to change setting and save it. Unfortunately it get locked and when I unlock and change it, after I click save button, it push me back and module get locked and none of changes applied. My joomla version is 3.6.5 Please advise. Regards Tanya
  3. Hi I recently installed bt login to my website but it only works when I turn off joomla! cache. Kindly help me resolve this issue. Regards
  4. Hi If the user has registered, and not activated his login, Joomla shows a warning: *php code* <jdoc:include type="message" /> *Display on screen* Warning Login denied! Your account has either been blocked or you have not activated it yet. If I test this with BTLogin's this warning doesn't appear. Leaving the end user clueless to why his login didn't work. Is there a way to show this? Thank you
  5. Hello, I have installed BT Login on a website and it works perfectly. I have enabled ReCaptcha on my registration form and this works perfectly too. Now I'd like to have a captcha on the login form too, is this possible? And how can I do this? Thanks in advance for your help, Sabrina
  6. Hello, I installed the BT LOGIN form of a multilingual site. I do not have the language packs related to Italian and Russian. Where can I download them? or alternatively how to insert the translations? Thank you
  7. Hi, we are developing a component in joomla for display datatables, when the user is not register in some cells we put a tooltip for login. and some datatables are called with a .POST in jQuery. We use the css class for load the module and works fine except ones with are called by POST I hope you can help me Regards Vero
  8. dear i am using bt login module in my website and all is working well. but if i want to disable the registretion button inside the module all the module is hidden from the frontend. do you have ay suggestions please ? thanks and regards
  9. Hello, I talked to your customer service through chat and they told me that you could help me with this issue: I am making a responsive website and I chose BT login as this is the best extension I have found for login: beautiful! Normally this module would not really need to be responsive as it is small, but in my iPhone, it is still a tiny bit too big. I would like to know how I can adapt the module's size - concretely the popup window's size - in order to fit the iPhone's screen. Maybe it's possible via css? Thank you in advance for your help and best regards, Philippe
  10. How can I download a hungarian language pack for BT Login? Or can I translate it?
  11. Hallo, Help: First I have to say its a BT-login is a wonderful module and I really fell in love. But now am confused about this love. I installed the BT login module and it worked fine I even registered an email and got the notification as an admin plus activation in email. But when I got back on site again i couldn't sign in when i try to login or even try to register just a dialogue box with Error: Ajax Request Failed: And when I try going to the back end to check out the module and find out the issues, i can only login and a blank page after that. I have gone through forums but cannot get the answers to my questions its really fustrating.. :( :( :( my website forums: Somebody help. Thanx
  12. Hi, I like the BT login module but I'm wondering is there any way to make the buttons sit side by side on a horizontal plane? Right now they are stacked on top of each other (see screenshot). Thanks!
  13. Please explain (step by step) how to link the bt login using a hyperlink. I'm using sp pagebuilder which has builtin button parameters, and one of the things it asks for is the "Button One URL" and the "Button Two URL"
  14. Hi, Seems there an issue in backend, please check the attached for details. though it works fine in frontend Joomla! 3.4.1 BT Login Module Version 2.6.1
  15. Hi, first of all thanks for very good modul BT login. I followed user guide and installed this modul for my web in joomla 3.3.0 and noted that there is no register button although registration button is set to Yes in back-end. There is only Login button. Even, when I click to login button, there is no possibility to do registration. I am using joomla 3.3.0 and last version of BT login modul 2.6.0. Did I miss something or is this real fault connected to latest version of joomla or something else? Thanks a lot and Best Regards, //Lukica
  16. Hi is it possible to adjust the code so that on the log in form the Forgot your Password? and forgot your username? texts can both sit on the same line?
  17. Receiving this error Warning: Registration Failed: Access Usergroup Invalid when registering new users. User shows up on admin page, but no emails sent out to either customer registering or admin on back end letting them know someone is trying to register.
  18. Can you please tell me how to style the Login button from BT Login? I have searched through the style sheet but cannot find. I want to change from the current green to a red.
  19. First of all, many thanks for this very useful module I have just a small graphic problem using it with Community Builder ingrated component. See file attached
  20. Hello, Issue is i can't login with users other than admin, and even after login i'm redirected to 404 Error page. could you check this link:〈=en Thanks
  21. Hi, I just installed and configured BT Login but when anyone including admins tries to login to the site from the fronted, they are getting an error alert "error: Ajax request failed!" Not sure why this error. I have searched this forum and found numerous instances of others getting the same error but none of the solutions worked for me Any ideas? Thanks
  22. Sir, I am Using Joomla 3.3.6 and BT Login 2.6.0 My base URL is I face some problem. 1) I got an error message in admin area, Module Manager >> BT Login in Advance Tab: Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /home/kidsgin/public_html/modules/mod_bt_login/admin/formfield/asset.php on line 27 2) When I try to register with BT Login, I face some problem 2.A) I got a error message on success board. Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20100525/' - /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20100525/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0 2.B) I can't login through BT Login, it says: Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet But when I open home page I see that I logged in. What to do to solve this problem. Thanks
  23. Hi, I have been experiencing some slow server response times on our website so I have several times removed every module and plugin from the page and added them back one by one testing between each add with google page speed and webpagetest. Each time as soon as I enable BT login google throws a slow server response time error and my webpagetest goes from a A to and F. Do you have a fix for this. As you know page speed is super important for google rankings and such so I would like to fix this if I can otherwise I will have to switch to another login module.
  24. Hello I'm not use captcha, why the image is still created ? in /modules/mod_bt_login/captcha_images/NzE0amhwdjA4aWgzcmc0dWszajZiNG9lMjcxNDIwNDkxMzc5.png
  25. Hello. I use BT-login on my website Works fine, but: I wanted to activate the included Captcha but the field does not show on the module settings. (see attached image) Any idea what is wrong? O how can I aivatethe Capcha?