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Found 15 results

  1. When I install the upgrade 3.1.0 I get this. Had the BT Construction Quick Start installed to start. Warning Duplicate column name 'alias' SQL=alter table fgz25_bt_portfolios ADD COLUMN alias VARCHAR(255) after title; Error Error installing component
  2. I the tiles layout for the gallery module you have tiles and default. Tiles opens the home on click in a new page like you selected from the portfolio itself and not a gallery module. The Default layout for the gallery module opens the portfolio item in an IFRAME and when you do that from the home page its all screwed up because it opens with the slideshow layout from the home page instead of the header and menu area the other pages use. Plus IFRAME sucks from SEO. How can I setup a Gallery Layout like DEFAULT but have it open a real URL link like the TILES layout does? If I change grid3d.js to use index instead of component the page gets everything but the menu is shown two on top of each other. If I use the component.php as its delivered the home slideshow is under the top menu. Using BT CONSTRUCTION.
  3. Where is the BT Portfolio Filter? It says its included in the BT Portfolio. I have BT Construction Template and it was not there. No way to create a module. Installed the latest extension of BT portfolio and still no there even though it says its included.
  4. Hello! I have a problem with BT Portfolio on clean version of Joomla 3.4.3. When I trying to create Portfolio - my website shows white screen
  5. hi, this template I have several problems with the component bt portfolio The website link is this and send you to a page where I have problems 1: I can not in any way to change the title in detail the prodottto "PROJECT INFORMATION"'> 2: If I change a product key that appears if I go with the mouse on the photo "view detail" becomes a simple link This is the correct one This is bogus Please shown me how to fix these problems? thanks
  6. Hi, Because we work with big numbers, is it possible to display the prices with the thousands and hundreds separator (a dot or comma) ? For example 2500600$ showing up as 2.500.600 $ (the decimal places are not necessary). Since we are using the Value Range option in the BT portfolio filter, if we put the price with dots or commas in the extrafield Price in BT Portfolio component the search results return nothing. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am putting up about 6-10 photos for a property portfolio. All images that are originally landscape I have resized and optimised and they are showing fine. All photos that are Portrait size I have cropped to be the same size as the landscape photos and optimised. However...the second group of photos refuse to display the size that I want them to, and are getting stretched. I am now stuck! Any ideas?
  8. Dear Support, I have installed BT portfolio on my site and have been trying to match the template theme you have online. When I set the theme to bt_foto though, it give me a one column setup as seen in the attachment. No matter what settings I change it stays in this format. Can you please help me? What I am looking for is the same theme with no margins on any sides, and each item layed out in a 4 column format. Regards.
  9. Hi, Does somebody know how to add more than 5 images to a portfolio? When I add 6 images to a portfolio the following error message is shown: Error loading images. One or more images were not found. Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. I can't get pagination to work on the default theme with the flat list. Pagination itself works fine as you can see on this page: On the portfolio page it doesn't work as you can see on this page: Did I oversee something?
  11. Hi, I'm currently using 2.3.3, it was all working but it randomly decided to stop. When I upload an image, the progress bar appears and finishes 100% but nothing happens, the image does not appear and I'm left with the default "no image avaiable" (it's spelt Available by the way). Any ideas? See attached for a visual representation. Regards
  12. Can i show the categories menu, when someone klicks on "portfolio" at pagenav? When you follow the link by menu/BT Portfolios it works. best regards, Thorsten (Germany)
  13. Hi, I recently bought your BT Photography via Themeforest and istalled it on my server running Joomla 3. Everything worked out fine, but... When I tried to open Components > BT Portfolio, I get the error message "500 JHtmlBehavior::mootools not found." As portfolios are a major part of the project the template was bought for, I kindly ask you for your fast help solving this problem. Best regards Al
  14. I do not know if anyone else was having this issue or not - but when enabling Recaptcha for comments on portfolios in the BT Portfolio extension the container DIV was not fully expanding to encapsulate Recaptcha. Example: There was an easy fix for me! Edit the style.css file at this location: .:/templates/bt_foto/html/com_bt_portfolio/bt_foto/css/style.css Edit the class .table_body to match the following: .table_body{ clear:both; padding: 0px 0; overflow: auto; } This should fix the issue! Example after solution implemented: I hope this helps someone or maybe the devs can go in and fix the problem ahead of time for future downloads. :)
  15. Hi everyone :), i just have some question about bt portfolio in my page the question is the next. I wanna change the size of the letter in bt portfolio i will show you better in the photo. I wanna change the size of the text inside of each square of bt portfolio. And if you can see the background of the letter the orange rectangle i wanna change it for the photo in attach files. Put it exactly like the menu categories if you can see i did a gradient effect on it.