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Found 22 results

  1. I have done all the necessaray things to add anothet language to my homepage, however the language menu which ı have can not be seem on the language switcher. ı have added a Turkish pages i can reach with the adress bar but could not associate with the language switcher. my site:
  2. Hi, i use the BT content slider module and i find it excellent , but i have a serious problem! My site is in greek language and the module doesn't show me the link "read more" in greek language. What i can do to fix it? Please , help me!!
  3. Hello, can you tell me about multilanguage site with this component.
  4. Hi, I would like to know if someone has already translated the BT PROPERTY component in FRENCH. I will be very happy to get the translation file. Thank you for your help, Serge
  5. Hi! Another question... The website I'm working on is in spanish, it's set up in the administration panel as site, administrator and content language. It's also set as the K2 item language. But, some of the labels appears in english and some in spanish. Could you please help me check what is causing this? Here's a link to the site I'm working on http://rutaecologica...kart-adrenalina Best regards, Mariana
  6. Hello, I am trying to translate the "BT Property" into Arabic Language, I am not sure if I am doing it the right way, what I did is: 1- downloaded (en-GB.com_bt_property.ini) 2- did the translation for the lines I need 3- uploaded the file into (language/en-GB/) and replaced the original file but nothing changed in the website 4- then uploaded the file to /components/com_bt_property/language/en-GB it did accept the change but instead of showing the arabic labels it shows the system selectors I even tried the Language overrider but it didnt work also any idea how to fix that or am doing it the wrong way? Thank you in advance..
  7. Could someone tell me where can I get the German ini file de language file for the component Property me? property
  8. Hello, I've a site in multilanguages where you can switch from italian to english 1) Italian is the default Language 2) English is the second language When I publish a new article I can select the language for the article (english or italian) If I publish an article in English the BT social connect Skip the suffix /en/ of the url of the site and publish the link like if the article was submit in italian language. The problem is that clicking in the link the url is wrong and don't find the article. example My article url: Url Submitted by BT Social Connect: Like you see is withouth /en/ after the domain name How I can fix it?
  9. Hi, I would like to add a new language to languageswitch on my front page. i added german at the backend on the site language for Admin,front and content. In Content i typed in the boxes first Deutsch, Deutsch, de-DE, de, de, public, public. But Deutsch didn't appear on my frontpage. Can you help?
  10. There is a translation project for BT Login localization at Transifex. - It's updated and includes several languages. Please join it as translator /or request your language! For tutorials using Transifex, please see. Keep Calm and Translate Joomla -
  11. Hello, first, thanks very much for this pluging. My question is: how can I change language in "share" button and put it in spanish "compartir"? Saludos!!
  12. Hi Thank you for this great extension. I have a multi lingual site with RTL (Persian and Arabic) and LTR (English and Russian) directions. I want to load rtl css file in RTL Languages and vice versa. How can I do that? Thanx
  13. Hello, I install the extension. My website is in spanish. How I translate this extension to spanish? You have language files to download? Thanks, Jose
  14. Hello, I have an issue with the BT Login module. I have translate the language file mod_bt_login.ini and everything works fine. However, the registration button at the top of the page shows me in spanish "registrado" meanwhile it should says "registrarse" with a good translation. Same in the registration pop-up... I couldn't find out where I can change this parameter, as it is not in the mod_bt_login.ini file. COuldn't find anything as well in the forum. Could you please help me to find out where / which file I can modify this translated word ? For a better understanding, I attach a print screen. Thank you, Vincent
  15. Hi, I just install bt photography in my own domain to test before install at my client domain but I can't install any language from backend. When I go to install language, a list of JoomlArt extensions is displayed. I click Purge cache, Find Language and then comes this message: There are no available languages to install at the moment. Please click on the "Purge Cache" and "Find languages" buttons to check for updates on the Joomla Languages server. You will need an internet connection for this to work. Anyone know what might be happening? Thanks.
  16. Congratulations Following your email I decided to try your templates In the past I could not try them because we use RTL It's time I downloaded the magazine But I can not add language A little strange Can you help me with this? zack
  17. How to set different logo pictures for different languages when using BT Travel 2.0 with Joomfish?
  18. I'll start with a question - I use n3t Seznam Captcha plugin on my site(it just looks better than reCaptcha) - is there an easy way to change the BT login php to use it, instead of reCaptcha? After the last update, I've created some translations for BT login (just the front-end): hr-HR (Croatian), de-DE (German) and sl-SI (Slovenian) Perhaps somebody will find them usefull (since I'm not permitted to upload the ini files, I just renamed them to TXT) de-DE.mod_bt_login.txt hr-HR.mod_bt_login.txt sl-SI.mod_bt_login.txt
  19. Hi I am using this module in my multilingual site. It is really nice to be able to change the thank you message easily but I would like to have an opportunity to change the error message also (e.g. if user dont fill in a required field.). Is that possible? Best regards
  20. Could anyone share the Portuguese language? I could share, Catalan, French and Spanish Native. Thank.
  21. Can anyone share the Portuguese language? I can share, Catalan, French and Spanish Native. Thank.
  22. Hi, I have a problem with BT Login module on multilingual site. I created language files for languages other than english and the module works fine with them, BUT only the login and the register part of it. The part when after registration the module displays a message, or when after an unsuccessfull login attempt displays a message - the language is always english. And also the mails sent after registration are always in english, no matter what language interface was teh registration made from. Can You give me an advice how to solve this? Thank You