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Found 16 results

  1. BT Content Showcase 2.4.8 is displaying an error with the Default Layout. The images should be appearing horizontally, but they are appearing vertically. See in -> Recuperações Judiciais Before upgrading to Joomla version 3.6.0 and BT Content Showcase 2.4.2: After upgrade Joomla to 3.7.5 and BT Content Showcase 2.4.8 Joomla Version 3.7.5 Template: BT Arise 2 - Version 1.0 BT Content Showcase 2.4.8 T3 Framework version 2.6.6 My Configuration:
  2. Where and how can i change the width of the sidebar-2
  3. Hi there, I am developing a site and for my purpose it looks that the BT Social Connect component fits very well. I was decided to give it a try, but right after installation the formatting on my home-page was messed up. To understand where the problem is I disabled each of the installed plugins and it showed up that the problem/conflict is with the BT Social Connect - System plugin (when disabled alI is back to normal). Please see attached files which show the normal situation and the problem after install. I am using Joomla 3.4.1. with Purity iii template. The home page is using a "magazine" layout, different from the default template. When messed up the page looks like a mixture from the two layouts plus some other wrong formatting... A beta version of the site can be found live at Thank you for your help and effort.
  4. Hi Firstly Thanks for your hard work on this component it a great product just need to solve:- 1. my images and thumbs display are very poor quality, they seem to have been distorted by component, as the original images loaded are of good quality. 2. Should the Owl Carousel have thumbnail images at the bottom just like the demo site, when viewing a single property. 3. can the property listing display be changed from 3 columns to 4 3. can the property listing limit be changed, instead of 5,10,15 etc, I need 3,6 or 4, 8 Thanks
  5. Hi. Can I create a new template to the list of property looked like Category 1 Item1 Item2 Item3 Category 2 Item4 Item5 Category 3 Item6 etc.
  6. On my site I make use of three different article layouts. On the home page i use a featured layout out. Within the site i use a blog category layout then those article open out in single article layout. At the moment it seems that the settings i apply for the social buttons apply to all three types of layout. However, visually, i want to use a smaller ribbon on the featured page layout so that it fits the look and style of the page better, but when the article is fully opened as a single article, that the full range of social buttons are displayed. Is this possible? Would it be possible to install multiple versions of the plugin and then set each one to response differently for each page layout? Thanks mark New Zealand
  7. Hello together, where can I find the photoshop file in the folder by bt_business?
  8. Hello, From the Module -> Layout Settings -> Number/dot background I change the color but the change isn't implemented on the Front-end The same with Hovered number/dot background & Actived number/dot background please help thx
  9. Hello. When i use module on sidebar1 both modules of sidebar1 and sidebar2 goes on the bottom of the page on tablet layout view (as you can see on the attachment). But when i use only module of sidebar2 , on the same layout the module stays on the right of the main content.(as you can see on the photo attachment) and this is not good. How can i have the same layou when i dont use the modules of sidebar 1?? Thank you.
  10. Running on Joomla 3.2 and newest K2 release the Template has an issue with the user manager Module on two different sites. I see the "Moderate Comments to my favorite items" centered in a popup and not in the module position. In the module first and last bulletpoints are empty. Middle ones show "My Page" and "My Account". Module is published in sidebar-position2 Is this a general issue or due to my configuration? SOLUTION: templates/bt_magazine/css/themes/nameoftheme/bootstrap.css and delete the point (.) before modal in line 4788
  11. hey could it be possible that bt portfolio don't work with smartphone and mobile advices? thx for ur help
  12. Hi, I recently bought the Portfolio component and created four categories (only two are visible) and fifteen portfolios. Once you've created a page to display content and noticed two bugs: The first portfolio does not appear even being published (image nº 1 and nº 2) Clicking on the categories, the page doesn't fit (image nº 3) Give me a solutions ;)
  13. Hello! I would like to have left - content (main) - right instead of default-content-right /left. I searched in the documentation, but could not find a way. I remember there was an option in the old BT Travel version: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <layout name="desktop"> <!--Extra css load for this layout--> <stylesheets> </stylesheets> <blocks name="top" style="xhtml"> <block name="absolute" type="modules" style="raw">absolute</block> <!-- <block name="mainnav" type="mainnav" main-inner="1"></block> --> <block name="header" type="header" main-inner="1"></block> <block name="cpanel" type="usertools/cpanel"></block> <block name="topsl" type="spotlight" main-inner="1">user1,user2,user3,user4,user5</block> <block name="bt-tab" type="modules" main-inner="2">bt-tab</block> <!-- <block name="pageheading" type="heading" main-inner="2" wrap-inner="1"></block> --> </blocks> <blocks name="middle" colwidth="24" wrap-inner="1" main-inner="4"> <block name="right1">position-7</block> <block name="left1">position-5</block> </blocks> <blocks name="bottom" style="xhtml"> <block name="navhelper" type="navhelper" main-inner="1"></block> <block name="botsl" type="spotlight" main-inner="1">user6,user7,user8,user9,user10</block> <block name="footer" type="footer"></block> </blocks> </layout> I´am not sure if this could be use in the BT Travel 2.0 version and how to!? Thank you in advance!
  14. Hi,I do not get the Layout dropdown menu in the Global setting. What did i do wrong?
  15. Hello, I installed the bt arise theme on joomla 2.5. The website shows all the right page setups and layouts exept for the contactpage. There it uses the "standard" lay out. What can i do to show the contactpage layout like in the bt arise template? The template map does include the right pages in com_contact. Thks
  16. Hi, I have written some articles and displayed then as a "Category Blog" (Articles->Category Blog) format but the horizontal spacing on the articles is always incorrect, except for the first (most recent) entry. To reproduce: (i) Note most recent article (width is correct, OK so far!) (ii) Note other articles, width incorrect. The horizontal spacing is too small (iii) Create a new article in the category. (iv) New article is correct (v) All other articles are incorrect including the article mentioned in (i) that was correct at the beginning Another issue: If I create a new menu that leads to a K2 article all display options are enabled by default even if this is different to the global settings. Also, a large folder is displayed at the start of the blog above the new K2 article that I cannot remove. Lastly: I have changed the size of my logo in the main template.css file but on one of the pages the size has not updated, even though it is using the updated file as on every other page. I will send you the site details to your email address. Many thanks for a great template.