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Found 5 results

  1. I'm using 5.0.9 version and template Kunena "Crypsisb3" in the project's website. Currently I have a problem of conflict javascript "jquery.simplemodal.js" for BT Social Login. Whenever i visit any one category of Kunena forum shall appear a translucent window and any forced to close it "Image attachment" I have Kunena update to a newer version but also does not resolve the problem But when I disable java "jquery.simplemodal.js" then the program runs good but BT Social Login does not work. I ask is there any way to exclude "jquery.simplemodal.js" when accessing the Kunena forum that retains "jquery.simplemodal.js" BT Social Login segment So look forward to getting your comments help people, I sincerely thank you!
  2. I've added login link in sign up form... it is not working... I've added <a href="/myprojectspath/index.php/en/component/users/?view=login"> Log-in here </a> it is supposed to open login form modal... but it isn't doing anything... I've also resolved the issue of conflicting simpleModal.js and bootstrap.js modal by replacing the files given in another issues in forum... Please help ASAP
  3. Sign us is not working... why is it? Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'scrollToY' of undefined
  4. I just installed the BT Social Login module. I set up the API's for Facebook & Google. The login button appears but not the register button. Also, the social login buttons are not showing up at the bottom of the box. Any ideas what I should check to make it work properly?
  5. Good morning, any news on yesterday's questions: 1. Why does the register form not close when clicking X on the top right corner? 2. Why do the Joomla language overrides not work? Thanks for your assistance. Best regards Christian