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Found 20 results

  1. Hi I've seen another post about this, but it was for an older version of BT Login, and already implemented in mod_bt_login.php. I've just installed the latest BT Login with Joomla 3.4, and the Login dialog is displayed but no Captcha. Under settings I've tried both "Global" and "Local built-in" Captcha. Can you please clarify Many thanks.
  2. HELP! When I click the create an account via the BT Login module, the registration page displays two captcha boxes, I have disabled the captcha option in the module settings but it still displays two! How can I remove one? Thanks Lee
  3. Hello, I have installed BT Login on a website and it works perfectly. I have enabled ReCaptcha on my registration form and this works perfectly too. Now I'd like to have a captcha on the login form too, is this possible? And how can I do this? Thanks in advance for your help, Sabrina
  4. Hi, We used our web page Bt_Login module. Joomla 3.3.6 update after bt_login reCAPTCHA not working. As far as I know the plugin settings are correct because it works on the registration page. How can I solve this problem?, tahnks. best regards...
  5. When viewing the property detail get ERROR message... "Captcha plugin not set or not found. Please contact a site administrator" This mean i have to have the BT Login module installed?
  6. Hello, I really appreciate your work with the BT Login module! I'd like to fix an issue I''m experiencing though: The Captcha is not showing in the modal window. basically if I use the joomla component (ie. another page) the catpcha works. I'd like to use your light-box though: much more stylish and effective. Using joomla 3.1.5 and I'm showing the module in the homepage (which is just a background image and some text in a div.). Please help me show the reCaptcha in the registration form Secondly... I would really appreciate your advice on two things: 1- I tried integrating the acymailing subscription checkboxes into your registration for: it worked. more or less They appear in the actual form, but the values aren't sent to Acymailing. I used the information from this page to embed the checkboxes... using the following code: <form action="" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="acyformname" value="formAcymailing1" /> <input type="hidden" name="ctrl" value="sub"/> <input type="hidden" name="task" value="optin"/> <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="http://YOUR_REDIRECT_URL"/> <input type="hidden" name="option" value="com_acymailing"/> <input type="hidden" name="visiblelists" value=""/> <input type="checkbox" name="subscription[]" value="1"/>Nuevos Productos<br/> <input type="checkbox" name="subscription[]" value="2"/>Noticias<br/> <input type="checkbox" name="subscription[]" value="3"/>Que Quisieras Comer?<br/> </form> I read from another forum post that I am supposed to edit the helper.php but I didn't manage to make the registration carry the subscribtion values: the checkboxes come up, but the user just gets registered and not subscribed. Could you advise me how to edit the helper.php to make it carry the values for the subscriptions as well? 2- I wanted to have a password that contained a minimum amount of characters and two numbers... but the validation gets dropped once I use BT Login to register instead of com_users. Could you tell me if the validation is possible? And how to do it? Sorry for the long post. I'd really like to fix the captcha issue... the other two are of secondary importance. Thank you very much for your module and your time. Isaia
  7. Hello, I am using this module on the site. When I select to show built in captcha it is not showing too good view of the letters and numbers. Can be they made more readable. i.e. increase in size and have only numbers or letters or option to select that. refer the above screenshot to get better idea. Also I have used ECC + as my default captcha, but the registration for in module is not showing that. Can this be worked out as well? Thanks Brandon
  8. Hello I'm not use captcha, why the image is still created ? in /modules/mod_bt_login/captcha_images/NzE0amhwdjA4aWgzcmc0dWszajZiNG9lMjcxNDIwNDkxMzc5.png
  9. Hello. I use BT-login on my website Works fine, but: I wanted to activate the included Captcha but the field does not show on the module settings. (see attached image) Any idea what is wrong? O how can I aivatethe Capcha?
  10. Hi bowthemes team. First of all congratulations, for your BT Login Module is very nice! I just want to ask if it's possible to change the Captcha - reCaptcha to another one (EEC+)? I like the EEC+ plugin (because with a simple line displays my own question or a mathematical question...or also we get a a lot of posibilities in plugin settup configuration) - http://joomla-extens...ycalccheck-plus But i dont know what i need to do, or where i need to go (what files), to add a script that can load/call and verify this plugin in your fantastic BT Login Module at registration area. Sorry my english, Best Regards to all
  11. hello, I bought a template, but after installed I have some problem, (joomla 2.5) 1: in the registration and in the video submit, the calendar dont work. 2: in the contact page there is this message "ReCaptcha plugin needs a public key to be set in its parameters. Please contact a site administrator.", another problem, in the registration page, there is the captcha image but dont work in the plugin manager-captcha, I insert the public and the private key for this domain, I enable it, in the global configuration and in the k2 parameters. Regards Marco.
  12. Hi! I have a trouble with displaying captcha in contact form and in Joomla registration form - there is no captcha at all. But it is in JoomShopping registration form, password reset form, login remind form and in popup registration window (when you click Register in upper right corner - goto to main page and click Register). How can I make captcha visible in contact form and in Joomla registration form? Thanks!
  13. Hi, When I enable captcha recaptcha in plug and in global configuration areas, the map is not displayed. The captcha have the keys all rights public and private. Captcha and map is not showed. But the text "captcha (*)" yes is showed. Joomla 2.5. What can be happening? Thanks!
  14. Hi Guys, Great extension... love it. I am having an issue with the captcha not displaying in the pop-up registration screen. It simply says "captcha*" and then nothing (see attachment). I have the captcha plugin set-up correctly with the right public/private keys, etc. as it display without issue in a normal registration page (http://www.mettlemul...e/test-register) - see second screen shot attached. On the home page, where it is most likely to be used, another instance of a captcha does not exist, so that is not the problem. The site is not live yet, but can be seen at I am using Jomla 3.2.1 and BT Login v2.5.6. I can provide login info and ftp details to solve the problem if necessary. Thanks for your help!
  15. Hi, I recently downloaded the latest version of BT Login to use on a 2.5.9 site. I have enabled captcha in the plugins and also set it as the default in the site configuration. The modal box shows "captcha*" with no fields. I have the public and private keys in place from an earlier version of the site. Not sure what's happening. Thanks. Rich
  16. Hi, I recently downloaded the latest version of BT Login version 2.5.5 and joomla 2.5.9 to use site. I have enabled captcha in the plugins and also set it as the default in the site configuration. The modal box and the contact page shows "captcha*" with no fields. I have the public and private keys in place. Thanks Mario
  17. Hi friends! I installed BT Contact Form and everything is going fine... But captcha is not working (showing) at all... Joomla Captcha plugin is enabled and passwords are fine... Site's URL: Thank you very much for your help! Ivan
  18. Hello, Can anyone give me a way to resize the Recaptcha entry box? It is huge right now and I think it looks a bit out of place. My domain is Thanks, Kory
  19. I'll start with a question - I use n3t Seznam Captcha plugin on my site(it just looks better than reCaptcha) - is there an easy way to change the BT login php to use it, instead of reCaptcha? After the last update, I've created some translations for BT login (just the front-end): hr-HR (Croatian), de-DE (German) and sl-SI (Slovenian) Perhaps somebody will find them usefull (since I'm not permitted to upload the ini files, I just renamed them to TXT) de-DE.mod_bt_login.txt hr-HR.mod_bt_login.txt sl-SI.mod_bt_login.txt
  20. Hello, in joomla 2.5 my captcha is actif (i use it for an other composant). how can i do to have captcha in BT login ? kind regards