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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I have this weird problem that the first page of my slideshow does look weird. The text does not show and the image is cut off. The URL is: It is really strange because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Maybe that is also a browser thing. And when I skip from the second slide back to the first one it also works again but before it looks like in the attached file... Do you have any tip to solve it? Regards, Johannes
  2. Hi, everyone, please, I installed BT ARISE II but the slideshow banner disappeared and the content slider disappeared on my localhost server. Please I want help as soon as possible. thanks
  3. I'm using the current version 2.3.6 of the content slider module. After updating from Joomla 3.4 to Joomla 3.4.1, the accordion alternate layout isn't working anymore. Nothing was changed in the module configuration. BT Arise II Free is usen on the site. See on the lower left. Thanks for your help
  4. Hello Dear Team I want to show my content slider like image left and content right as currently it is working like image under text. and i want to show one slide at one time not three with full width. Kindly help me int his case as it is very urgent for me. Thanks Phoenix
  5. I like your theme and modules a lot. I have 2 sliders enabled on my site I'm not sure what I dod wrong but while the images in the top slider (layout set as "frontpage show"are OK the images in the lower slider "blocknews" are very big. They are scaled down with CSS and look OK but when you disable CSS you can see how big they are. I need to do something as the size of the images on the homepage eats a lot of bandwidth plus page load slower Can you help? Thanks Jan
  6. HI My Name is Clint and I am about to launch a site with your slider. However, for some strange reason I try to include 12 articles and it will only push 11 no matter if I put in more. I am trying to get 12 to come to the slider by article ID. Could you please take a look? It is specifically the slider module (BT Content Slider) called "Services" that is in the middle bottom of the homepage. I appreciate your help in advance, -Clint Norwood (
  7. Hello. I want to change the style of blocknews content slider style. I just need the "list items" that are on the bottom to go on the right of the main item(see image attachment). How can i make this happen? Thanks.
  8. Hello. On template BT-magazine how can i use 2 different content slider modules (with custom theme blocknews) on position contentt-mass-top side by side? When i add the second content slider module it goes under the first, but i need it next to the first one. In your demo you use one module with 2 categories, i want the same view but with 2 different content slider modules side by side. Can i make this happen?? Thank you.
  9. Content Slider: whenever I add more than 10 articles to the content slider the entire site crashes. How can I resolve this?
  10. On bt_magazine you use a custom php named blocknews.php for content slider. This php takes the original image for the first "big" image, but this is something i dont want because sometimes images are to big. I change the "row->mainimage" to "row->thumbnail" and now i get thumbnail for the big image but is small like the thumbnails of list items. Is it possible to have 2 different dimension thumbnail creations on this module with the help of php?
  11. I use bt magazine template and everything is working perfect except this... On my phone when i scrolling down on slider nothing happens, and the problem is that i cant do anything at all, i'm locked there and the only way to view the site is live the home page through menu. Why touch scrolling doesn't work on content slider? If there is nothing to do ,there is no reason to have this module on mobile view even if it is responsive because it just don't work with phones.
  12. Hello, I am new on this forum. I similar question previously was on this forum just give me link. THX:) I problem is to change bt-title tag from H3 to H1. I try do it on module menu but this oprion doesn't work. Where I should make changes?
  13. HELP! I have Yootheme WidgetKit and BT Login on the same page. If I set the BT Login module to load jQuery to Yes then the login module works. If I set it to Auto or No then I get a greyed screen and nothing else! The URL is: PLEASE HELP I need to get this site live!
  14. I need to reduce the amount of blank white space displayed at the bottom of the content slider. How can I change the default height of the content slider. I have set the "auto adjust height" to auto and it adjusts to the height of the individual articles, however the amount of blank space at the bottom is still too much. Plus, I do not want the slider to auto adjust height. I simply want to reduce the over all height of the module. Attached is an image . . . please note the excessive white space between the content slider and the next module. The content shown is the largest of the articles being displayed by the slider. Thanks
  15. Hey guys, BT Content Slider is awesome! I have a question about a possible modification. Let's say I create several articles with some simple custom HTML, using an image and a caption below it, both elements linking to another page on my site (in my case a Mosets Tree listing). When I include these articles in a category and allow the Content Slider to use it, I want to leave the markup I have in the article intact - instead of the default Joomla way, which grabs the image, sets the link to the article itself, grabs the text and removes the link completely. Is this possible using your component making a few edits myself? Is this something I need to change in Joomla's code base? Am I completely out of luck? Thanks for your advice. Jeff
  16. Hi! I'm trying to insert FB like button on mod_bt_contentslider/imgalign.php When I click on "like button", facebook window don't appear out of content-mass-top area (it is cut). I tried to change z-index value (up to 100000) but unfortunately facebook window does not appear correctly. Could you suggest me the solution? I can't use extensions because I've special needs. Thank you in Advance
  17. I am using BT Content Slider with parameters set to 1 row, 1 column.It works fine in Firefox,Chrome and Safari, but in IE9, all the articles show up in one long column. I am using Yootheme template, Joomla 2.5.7. Here is a link to the site Any idea how to reslove this?