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Found 34 results

  1. the "logout" button is not displaying properly. onclick it appears behind the Hi, username button. could be the admin edit module hover, because admin, but i still need to logout pls.
  2. Hi! I'm ussing BT Arise II for Joomla 3.6 How can I edit the content, or create new articles, using the predefined CSS style? There is any way to preview the class style on the editor? For example, the article "Our team" has a nice looking on the frontend, but when I try to edit it I don't see the style on the editor. How can I see all the predefined classes of this template so I can create my own articles using them? Thank you very much!
  3. Hi, i recently purchased an SSL certificate from Comodo. When i installed the certificate i got an error to StumbleUpon icon (not appear). I did a check and i noticed this message: Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS How i can solve this problem? Thank you
  4. Hi, I've just started using BT Content Slider and it seems almost perfect, so thanks for creating a great free module. When i increase the font size in my custom template css file, the auto height breaks. The slides text gets cut off, it's like the auto height doesn't know that the text is bigger. I thought maybe it's because i'm not using a proper template override for the module, so i used /templates/g5_hydrogen/html/mod_bt_contentslider/css/btcontentslider.css but this broke the module entirely. all navigation controls disappeared! please help thanks,
  5. Hi guys! First I'd like to say thank you BowTheme very much for this amazing component/module package!! Second, I wonder if there is anyone that could help me getting the css styling of the horizontal filter to look like the one on the demo (Slider Homepage) please. I suck at css I'm afraid so if it's allowed, I'd really love to have a copy of the css file for that template (or what ever css document responsible for making that filter look that way :rolleyes: Thanks Regards Sebastian
  6. I am having truobles with the responsive css. The listing pages will not find the responsive css. It appears that some styles are found but the menu and other items display as if they were on a desktop. Any ideas?
  7. Hello, Thank you for the BT Content Slider - it's great! I have a question about over-riding the Slider's CSS file settings: how can I make BT Content Slider fetch my websitte template CSS settings instead of BT's own CSS file? I would prefer it just goes into template CSS to look exactly like the rest of the web-site. Thank you, Kay
  8. How am I able to change the CSS of the module or where is the location of the CSS file for the module? Can it be done with a custom.scss file?
  9. Hi, I'm having trouble changing the size of the logo. I tried editing "../templates/bt_education/css/template.css" but I must be editing the wrong div. As far as I understand the logo is in "header_bottom_left" but I cant seem to get it. You will see on my site that the logo is being cut off. Please can you assist me with this?
  10. Hi, first of all thanks for a really great component! Is there a way that I can specify thumbnail size dependent on the screen size? Or can I override the size by the css somehow? I have 3 different css for my page: 1200px X 700px, 1000px X 600px and 800px X 500px. Now I would need to have 3 different thumbnail sizes: 650 X 650, 550 X 550 and 450 X 450. Can you give me any hint on how to do this? Many Thanks Markus (Page is but I'm not sure if it is registered on a public dns yet...)
  11. Hi is it possible to adjust the code so that on the log in form the Forgot your Password? and forgot your username? texts can both sit on the same line?
  12. Hi, I use 2 color templates in the same site and am having trouble editing the css. General Site - - DEFAULT template (but I did a copy and blue flame) Area of ​​Cats - - template RED I want to modify, for example, the buttons - read more - in two colors. (Attached) How do I do that? Why do not you use css separated by style and I can not find where I modify it. For example, in the css button is - a.k2ReadMore and a.k2ReadMore: hover, but I can not use these tags directly in custom.css for ALL would modify the buttons and I want in the area that use the default template with a color and in the area that use the red template has another color. Actually, I need to do this with various parts of the site and not just the button. For example, in the top bar of the site, where it appears the address. (Attached) How do I do that? Where can I get TOP PAGE plugin that takes several templates, but do not have the MEDICAL? (Attached) How do I change the css shortcodes? Need to increase the circle around the numbers. I downloaded the PDF shortcodes, but to the folder that you send copy, now is the other way and even causing the current folder, it did not work! Where can I edit it? Thanks & Regards. Ps: I have other tickets open and need urgent return, for I am remaking the customer whole site because I had problems with a template for a competitor of yours. Please help me because I'm super late with the delivery of the site. Thank very much!
  13. Hello, I want to line-out my blog items in a different way. Is there a way to achieve this (bij changing a CSS I suppose). I know I can use the ´read more´ possibility to make all items the same length but I rather don´t use that. Enclosed is a jpg of the lay-out that I prefer. I appreciate your help!
  14. Hi there, Is there a possibility to use the newest FA icons? I noticed that when I want to change an icon in (for instance) the ´Site Funfacts´ module the newest FA icons (like fa-wifi from the 4.2 series) are not showed in the front-end. Best regards,
  15. How to change the css class "btl-panel" in "<--Panel top -->" My button: - My new class is: class="button btn3 btn3-border btn3-lg" - Code css: .ja-ss-desc .btn3 { margin-top: 0; } @media (min-width: 1200px) { .ja-ss-desc .btn3 { margin-top: 14px; } } .btn3-border { background: none; border: 2px solid #ffffff; color: #ffffff; position: relative; z-index: 0; } .btn3-border:hover, .btn3-border:focus, .btn3-border:active { background: none; color: #3498db; } .btn3-border:hover:after, .btn3-border:focus:after, .btn3-border:active:after { width: 100%; } .btn3-border:after { background: #ffffff; } .btn3:after { height: 100%; left: 0; top: 0; width: 0; content: ""; position: absolute; z-index: -1; -webkit-transition: all 0.3s ease-out 0s; transition: all 0.3s ease-out 0s; } .btn3-lg { padding: 14px 40px; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 700; box-shadow: 3px 3px 50px #bbb; text-shadow: 1px 1px #000; text-transform:uppercase; } Please Help me! Thanks very much :)
  16. Very good module,but my site's all effects have growing effect ,therefore i need same effect here too.I know css and html of grow effect,but where to put code?
  17. How can I customise the css of top (Main navigation menu)? For example when a mouse hover happens how do we change the color orange to another color? Thanks.
  18. Hi there, i would like to change the appearence of BT MEdia Gallery..("items_list" and "fancybox popup") but also to keep it safe from updates!! Is the best way to create an override? and how do i do that??
  19. i cant seem to get logo on the right size on the custom css for desktop, tablet and handphone layout. could you please help me with the css code? thx
  20. Hello - First, thank you for a wonderful module. Right now, I'm testing this on a site, to show one work of art (randomly loaded), which, upon click, will take visitor to the related-article. The linking, centering, etc all work incredibly well. The problem is, that all the different works of art are different ratios (Some are portrait - Higher than wide, others are landscape - Wider than high). Right now, the thumbnails are either squeezing vertical, or horizontal (depending on what I pick as thumbnail width / height). I tried putting 'auto' in the width, but that broke the extension completely. As well, I tried height:420px; width;auto in the CSS file, but that had no effect, as the width box in the module defaults at '180' if I attempt to leave it blank. I'm feeling there has to be a very straightforward fix to this problem, and I may very well be overlooking something right in front of me. I very much appreciate your help in this. The goal is to set a viewing frame of 420px high, and whatever the image width's is, up to 900px. Right now I'm using DJ Image slider to accomplish this, but DJIS requires a new slide & new link to be made for every article-link. This is too exhausting a process for a dynamic environment. Kindest.
  21. Hello, first of all i must thank you for this great extension, it's perfect to work with. I just have a question: I want to implement an class style to only one of my tabs, so that for examble two tabs are green and one tab is blue: <ul class="tab-container" > <li style="width:auto;" class="prev"><span class="bt-li">Headline 01</span></li> <li style="width:auto;" class="active before_blue "><span class="bt-li">Headline 02</span></li> <li style="width:auto;" class="blue"><span class="bt-li">Headline 03</span></li> </ul> Do you have an idea how I can do this? Best Regards
  22. Hi there, Thanks for this component but I tried to customise it a bit and could not find css/etc files. When I look on the site the css seems to be /components/com_bt_portfolio/themes/default/css/style.css but when I look at the site in FTP there is nothing there, not even the folder. Is it somehow logged differently or am I missing something? Probably am :) Hope you can help! There is also nothing in languages etc visible of the component. I have reloaded the page numerous times but nothing "Solved" the issue (temporarily) by adding the css I want in template.css but I don't think that's the way to go :) Cheers, Ronald
  23. Hi there, first and foremost, I downloaded your BT Content Slider for using it with K2 and I have to say, it works really well and is also easily customizable. However as i will show books with it (some square, some rectangular) it would be nice to be able to align images vertically to the center. Does anybody know how to do that? I added a image for explenation. In red is as it is right now, which aligns all images to the top and in green is as i would like it to be, with all images vertically aligned to the middle. I also found these links, maybe they might help you guys more than they did me: and Any help would be appriciated, Cheers, Vincent
  24. The Google+ button is covering the Twitter button partially, but i cant seem to find where this CSS is coming from. I know i need to change a text-indent and some margins ....can you point me to the right file?
  25. Hi, I use JA Typo plugin to manage CSS. While in the administration site I can use all the css class whitout any problem (in fact in the tiny editor all the class are correctely formatted), in the front end I obtain a different format for the class that are displayed. It seems that the front-end doesn't load the typo.css or doesn't use it! Could you help me please? Thanks in advance