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Found 44 results

  1. Good afternoon to everybody, I have some trouble with this module to slide k2 items in a multilanguage web site. For the items in default language everythings is ok, but for the items in other languages a blank page is show. Thanks in advance, have a nice day Andrea
  2. Dear Expert, Recently i have tried to update K2 content version K2_v2.9.0 and whole BT Arise template crashed. Error message as below. Any idea how to resolve it? Using Joomla 2.5. Fatal error: Class 'JModelLegacy' not found in /hermes/bosnacweb05/bosnacweb05ac/b2326/ipg.xtec/administrator/components/com_k2/models/model.php on line 16 Please advise and thank in advance. Kind regards.
  3. Hello, First let me congratulate you for the outstanding extension! I think that this should be a paid extension not a free one, but the decision is yours. Currently I have some trouble with K2 compatibility. After user login/register with social site the user is created in both joomla and k2 databases, but in K2 does not update the profile picture and is not setting the default group in which I'm putting all new users. I'm using Joomla 3.2 with still not much modified Awetive template and for the use of the website functionality as comment and such I need the K2 user profiles to be correctly bridged so that users connected by SC do not wonder why their info is not filled in even after they gave permission to do so or why do they have two different profiles automatically after login. How can I bridge the user information from SC to K2? Also when I enter login redirect to the K2 profile page the website is still showing SC profile page on connect. Can you give me more guidelines what to check? Thank you again and I apologize for bothering you. Best regards, Ivan
  4. Hello, I was wondering how can i put the ribbon from bt property on a k2 item. I have put this in category-item.php but with no succes. How can i maje a field even in k2 backend ? I have tried this code but it show nothing. <div class="property-image"> <?php if ($item->ribbon) { ?> <figure class="ribbon"> <?php echo $item->ribbon; ?> </figure> <?php } ?> <a href="<?php echo $link; ?>"> <img alt="<?php echo $item->title; ?>" src="<?php echo $img_url ?>" /> </a> </div> [/CODE] If you can tell me please do. Website '; Thank you.
  5. Hi all, Great product, just all of a sudden the plugin started displaying code on each of our K2 items. eg: Warning: file_get_contents(http://graph.faceboo...-melbourne-show): failed to open stream: Network is unreachable in/home/s1050260/public_html/plugins/content/bt_socialshare/bt_socialshare.php on line 955 I've since disabled the plugin to stop the error showing, but the attached screenshot shows an example of the errors being displayed. Any idea why this has happened?
  6. Hi! At the beginning, I installed quick package of BT+K2 component. Now its work perfect, but with K2 news I have some strange things. Can look here Everytime I post news, its replacing and then I have empty spaces between them >>> And I can't change in K2 adjustments, in css as well. I can reinstall all K2 component, but Im afraid all my news will be erased((( Please, how I can solve this?
  7. Hola CUANDO le doy clic a la imagen de un articulo de k2 NO SALE EL EMERGENTE. (Adjunto imagen). se ve la imagen en el sola.
  8. Hi, love the plugin, thank you! I'm running into an issure with sharing on FB. When I click share, everything looks great in the preview. Article Title, picture, text, everything is there. But when I hit share and it actually publishes to FB, the article's category is shown on FB, not the article title... I'd love to be able to use BT Social Share on these pages... but I don't know how to incorporate the plugin in the PHP... any suggestions? IF not, I understand, but would love to know how to fix the Category / Article title thing. Thanks!
  9. Hi to everybody, is possible to make the mobile view responsive? I would like to have the articles divided into two columns in the desktop view and in a single column in the mobile view. Thanks for the help Matteo
  10. Hi all, I'm using BT Content Slider 2.3.6 with left "Number of Rows" = 1 and "Number of Cols" = 3. If I set "Number of Articles" >6 (are k2 articles) I have only 2 slide: the first slide is ok, the second have all items remained !! For example if I set "Number of Articles" = 12, I have the second slide with 9 k2 articles in 3 rows. Note: - BT Arise II v1.0 - K2 v2.6.9 - Joomla 3.4.1 Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, Sorry for my poor english i'll try to explain the problem as best as i can. I installed the plugin and it works good. I customized my k2 table adding 1 more column. In mu page results when im search something i want to show: title text NEWCOLUMN i tried by: <?php echo $this->result->NEWCOLUMN; ?> but it dosen't work. Some1 can tell me how to retrive that data?
  12. Hi, I use 2 color templates in the same site and am having trouble editing the css. General Site - - DEFAULT template (but I did a copy and blue flame) Area of ​​Cats - - template RED I want to modify, for example, the buttons - read more - in two colors. (Attached) How do I do that? Why do not you use css separated by style and I can not find where I modify it. For example, in the css button is - a.k2ReadMore and a.k2ReadMore: hover, but I can not use these tags directly in custom.css for ALL would modify the buttons and I want in the area that use the default template with a color and in the area that use the red template has another color. Actually, I need to do this with various parts of the site and not just the button. For example, in the top bar of the site, where it appears the address. (Attached) How do I do that? Where can I get TOP PAGE plugin that takes several templates, but do not have the MEDICAL? (Attached) How do I change the css shortcodes? Need to increase the circle around the numbers. I downloaded the PDF shortcodes, but to the folder that you send copy, now is the other way and even causing the current folder, it did not work! Where can I edit it? Thanks & Regards. Ps: I have other tickets open and need urgent return, for I am remaking the customer whole site because I had problems with a template for a competitor of yours. Please help me because I'm super late with the delivery of the site. Thank very much!
  13. Good morning, I have a problem with the Google Recaptcha: 1 - The Captcha is working in Opera on the Contact page and comments K2 - but does not work on the Contact page in Explorer. 2 - How do I enter the Recaptcha the login and registration? I enabled the module but is not working. In BT Social Login module there is no Recaptcha and put the Global option does not work, because if I enable recaptcha in joomla global configuration, the K2 recaptcha do not work. How to solve this? 3 - I enabled to use K2's account, but the create account not appear recaptcha. Thanks & Regards.
  14. Hello, have two things. First, after update version 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 an error after editing the profile will be displayed: I asked for some time to determine that the K2 plugin bt_Autosubmit_K2 received no pictures on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, they will be transmitted only if, for example, a manual message is sent to the specified image or if you have specified an alternative image in the plugin, only this Submitted, but not the actual image of the article. See: is eg one was the transfer of the articles without forming products.Hope that the above-mentioned defects will be corrected accordingly. \m/ Stay Metal \m/
  15. Hello today i have installed BT SOCIAL CONNECT extension on joomla 3 website and k2 latest version. Unfortunately when i register with facebook login the users usergroup on K2 is not assigned, i tried with user manager registration and it did not imported the K2 usergroup too. As also i want to disable the system to send email when a new user is created. Looking forward hearing from you
  16. Hello, I have installed the plugin and it works great in Joomla articles, but not in K2. In k2 item view it breaks the template, the page. See bellow content. If i disable it its`s ok. Any ideas how to resolve this? Thank you.
  17. hello all. i have a link to a page that will list K2 items blog style it only lists 5 items and an load more link is there any way to load a certail number on load like 10 or 20
  18. I’m using your module on Joomla site based on k2 articles. My problem is that I cannot find method of source that would be suitable for my site workflow: 1. If I’'m using ARTICLE ID as the method, I need to insert and remove articles manually from the slider. 2. If I’m using ARTICLE CATEGORY as the method, I need to specify category that would belong to slider and by doing that the article will not appear in the category which it logically belong to (for example, If I have article that belong to education, putting category other then “education”, that is one of the subject of this site, will remove the article from its original location). I’ve tried to solve this problem with modules that provide me the option to add additional categories (like " Inceptive Multiple Categories for K2"). However the Bt slider does not recognise the categories selected with those modules (and I can’t specify the slider category since I have few slider that use different category). The End result is that I either need one of the following: 1. A way in which BT CONTENT SLIDER will show articles with selected category in other than the main category (i.e., category selected with Inceptive Multiple Categories for K2 or any other additional category module). 2. Another way to choose the articles showed on the slider. The obvious answer is to choose TAGS as the mean to choose articles. I wonder if any of these two are applicable and whether it is possible to ask for custom solution that would provide suitable solution to this problem (i.e., choosing articles for the slider in other way than MAIN category or article ID).
  19. I love this module. Very nice. It works perfect with Joomla articles. K2, not so much. It will only display 1 article. No matter the settings. Same with article ids. Nothing I choose will show. I get no results for ids. Again Joomla works perfect. Using Joomla 3.3.6 K2 2.6.9 Is there a fix for this? Thanks
  20. Hello, This is exactly the plugin I want and need! I want the site-owner to be able to login, but no others, so I want the login to be as unintrusive as can be, and this does it. HOWEVER... When I try to login, I get the following message and nothing happens: Another plugin has redirected the page on login, Please check your plugins system I've checked my plugins, but for the life of me, I cannot find out what is happening here. I can't find any plugin that has anything to do with redirecting on login. I'm using K2 and have it integrated in BT Login, and have set 'K2 User' as Logged Module. Screenshot of error message attached. Any help would be great! I've disabled the plugin for now, but really want to start using it :-)
  21. Hi. It's not possibile to download pdf attachmentes from the K2 items. The pdf files results corrupt . From backoffice the download works correctly Thanks in advance
  22. Hi, I have Joomla 2.5.24, K2 2.6.8 and BT Social Share 2.3.8. It works perfectly util a comment is posted in a K2 item. Any way to fix this? Thanks for your help and great plugin.
  23. Is is possible to create K2 Items in the front end of the BT Business template? If so, how?
  24. Hi there, First of all, let me thank bowthemes team for yet another great module ! I'm using BT Content Slider to display K2 content. Everything works flawlessly but I do have one issue to resolve and that is rendering K2 plugins. BT Content Slider renders content plugins but in this case I need to render the K2store plugin which is a K2 plugin and not a content plugin. I'm somewhat comfortable codding in php but perhaps you guys know this much better than me. I've been trying to debug the module k2.php file and I see where it loads the content plugins but I'm lacking the proper code to load K2 plugins. I think the code might look something like this: <?php echo $this->item->event->K2AfterDisplay; ?> but I'm not sure. Can you guys point me in the right direction please ? I'll be trying to solve this problem myself and post back if I can find a solution. Meanwhile, I can use all the help I can get. Thanks in advance !
  25. Hi, I have a question, if it's possible to set a FIXED image as a thumbnail on Facebook share button in order to show always the same image, like the avatar.Thanks :)