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Found 22 results

  1. Hi All, i need to remove all'area in the firs page and see only BT Login and BT Background slideshow. Ho can I do?
  2. 1. Change logo: To change the BT Travel logo, please rename the image which you want to do: t3_logo_light_17.png and replace image in location "...\templates\bt_travel\images" and if you want to change the size of logo, open file ..\templates\bt_travel\css\template.css (line 1271) and edit: you can change size of class: for consistent with propety of class "h1.logo a" if you want to change background color of logo, please open file: ...\templates\bt_travel\css\template.css (default color) or ...\templates\bt_travel\themes\"your profile color"\css\template.css (profile color are: brown, green, cyan, olive, orange) and find class: h1.logoround then change background color. 2. Change footer: open file: ...\language\en-GB\footer.ini in line MOD_FOOTER_LINE1: you can replace value in "href" by your link (exp: current value is: # , you can replace by: or other link. 3. Change favicon: copy your favicon icon to: .../plugins/system/jat3/jat3/base-themes/default/images or ...\templates\bt_travel\images
  3. Hello everyones, could somebody help me to do some changing in main menu? I need to move menu to the right side and make a logo wider, like in attached pictures. Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi, How can I resize the logo, which is upper left hand side for mobile (i.e. iphone 5) view? Currently it's to big on mobile. Kind regards, Marco
  5. hello i tryied to change the logo but nothing happened the next problem is that when i change the backround color using thememagic the letters change type and size and if i choose the default color of the background again the letters stays as they are any solution ? thanks
  6. Hi, I'm having trouble changing the size of the logo. I tried editing "../templates/bt_education/css/template.css" but I must be editing the wrong div. As far as I understand the logo is in "header_bottom_left" but I cant seem to get it. You will see on my site that the logo is being cut off. Please can you assist me with this?
  7. Hi all! I have website build on BT Arise and Joomla 3.x. integrated with 2 languages, all is working flawlessly but i cant change LOGO image to be different on each language... Who knows how to make that? What to do to have on each language another image as logo, because logo is from template not module... :/
  8. Hi! I am not allowed to post under "BT Arise 2" so i will post here. I have made nice website with BT Arise 2 template and Falang component for multilanguage. Now i have problem, when using main language the logo is on one labguage, when using second language the logo is the same... How to make it possible to change logo when user changes language... There is no option for that? Any ideas? Tank you in advance.... P.S. website is on localhost, for testing purposes (multilanguage)...
  9. i cant seem to get logo on the right size on the custom css for desktop, tablet and handphone layout. could you please help me with the css code? thx
  10. I've been using Logo Type under Theme in templates manager but the logo is not changing. how can I change the logo and add favicon? and can the logo be bit taller than the menu and in that space to add Log in menu link right above the menu. see the image for an example
  11. Hi, I want to change backround color under the logo for anather image or add some texture. Is it possible to do? Thanks my site
  12. If I remember correctly, the logo image that comes with the demo is about 214 x 45 pix. I experimented with a different size log: 450 x 50. Height is OK , but the logo image is cropped at about 280 px. Where can I adjust the placeholder for the logo image so that entire logo image is displayed without cropping? Thank you!
  13. Hi to all, i would like to change the position of logo, moving it into the same position of the main menu. In default layout template the positions are so: home | products | contacts LOGO editing the layout i m able to do so: LOGO home | products | contacts but I would like so: LOGO home | products | contacts can someone help me? thanks
  14. How to set different logo pictures for different languages when using BT Travel 2.0 with Joomfish?
  15. 1. Change logo: To change the BT Photography logo, please rename the image which you want to do: t3_logo_light_17.png and replace image in location "...\templates\bt_foto\images" and if you want to change the size of logo, open file ..\templates\bt_foto\css\template.css (line 273) and edit: you can change padding of class: for consistent with propety of class "h1.logo a" 2. Change footer: open file: ...\language\en-GB\footer.ini in line MOD_FOOTER_LINE1: you can replace value in "href" by your link (exp: current value is: , you can replace by: or other link. 3. Change favicon: copy your favicon icon to: .../plugins/system/jat3/jat3/base-themes/default/images or ...\templates\bt_foto\images 4. Change title page: To change title page (see attachment: ) please go to menu: scroll down to "Page display options", change or remove line in: "Browser page title"
  16. Hello everybody, I've got a problem with the logo, which is correct in the home page as you can see: but as soon as I move to another page on the main menu, all the corrections I've made to the logo in home just vanish and it's wrong again: PLEASE please I need your help guys. Where is the css I should edit? Thank you very much Stefano B.
  17. I installed the BT floating banner on my joomla 2.5 yootheme. And no matter what kind of module i assign the picture of logo keeps coming up instead on the website maybe it has something to do with this? protected function getInput() { return '<div id="bt-about"> <div class="bt-desc"><img src="'.JURI::root().$this->element['path'].'/logo.png"> '.JText::_("BT_ABOUT_DESC").' </div> <br clear="both"> <div class="bt-license">'.JText::_("BT_ABOUT_LICENSE").'</div> </div>'; p.s. i haven't changed anything in the code of the module.
  18. Hi, I recently installed the BT Photography template. The template is great, but on the main menu bar it says, "BT Photography" and it displays the template's logo. I want to change this so that it shows the name of my website and my site's logo. How do I change them? Thanks, Patrick
  19. I need to create a module exactly as pictured. I go to create multiple pages with different logos. How do I?
  20. Which the typeface used in the logo? Why the PSD File is not available for download?
  21. How do I change the logo so it does not read "BT Travel" and replace if possible with own logo picture?
  22. Hello, I was looking for some help with my new upgrade to the bt photography template. The first thing I am having trouble with is fairly simple: How do you change the logo text from bt photography to my sites name? The next question is more of a problem. I cant get the portfolio gallery to work at all, I would love some admin help on this. one please. Thanks you all for your time! Bill