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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, and thank you for this nice extension. How can I group Markers in de Mapview by zooming out? Thank you for your response
  2. hi guys, i already used br google maps but this time i have problem installation is ok but when i try to set marker or add informations, no way to find buttom can someone suggest where check or where is problem? thanks a lot
  3. Hi there, I am using BT Google Maps module and all seems ok but won't show the marker (default or custom) when using address, i've also tried coordinates, something seems wrong as the custom marker is not in the correct location, can you please have a look: Bottom of the page is the map module. PS I'm also using BT content slider, could this be conflicting? Thanks and regards Steven
  4. Hi The marker is not visible on the site until crtl-F5 Please tell me why not
  5. Dear all, I am using Joomla 3.3.6 and BT Google Maps 2.0.10 and I am not able to save HTML tags in Markers info window. I read many posts on this forum about using editor and there is always advice that you can use hard code... but I can not.. Every time when I fill in any HTML tag and than click on button "Update marker" everything seems OK, but than when I save whole module HTML tags are gone... Thank you for any help, Sorky
  6. One more thing i noticed if i put html in marker <img src="../images/keps_logo_250.png" width="100"> <br> <b>KEPS Company</b><br> 11000 Beograd<br> Srbija In top menu logo loads, but in submenu dont and if i put "../../images/keps_logo_250.png" from developer tools image loads. What might be wrong some relative coding inside plugin???, i dont understand how it works in top menu but it doesnt work in submenu. Still didnt got reply regarding marker manager missing markers, tried chrome and FF same result after saving, marker doesnt display or can do anthing with it except digging the db table. Can u please do something about it, i like this extension and if you dont do something about problems will be switching to another map module. Thanx in advance...
  7. I want to develop a map with many locations and I would like to display a text labels rather than icon markers on the map. Is it possible to display the Title Marker on the map rather than a Marker icon? If you look at this example - this is something like what I hope to achieve: Scroll to the middle of the page and you will see a world map with location labels.
  8. May be marker basic properties were absent in free version of bt maps ? marker marker title marker icon Marker Shadow Image Maker Info-window Show info-window onload Thanks for that excellent extension !
  9. Hello, First: I was working with version 2.0.5, the problem which occurs was that not the marker could be saved. I found that I was not the only one on this forum. So tonight I installed version 2.0.8, in which this problem has been solved. And that is right. But I still see not a marker on my map at the frond-end. Anybody any Idea. The adress what I have filled in is: street number, town (On this forum I don't fill in the real streetname/town) The same with custom style manager. I have made the map color red #ff0000. But I see nothing changed. Second: And I see in the manual that you can add a jpg at the 'Marker nfo-window'. But how? I don't see any TinyMCE editor. I'm working on my localhost, development environment. XAMPP 1.8.x Thanks, Nico
  10. can i add markers by code?
  11. The Info window loads onload. I would like to set it where it will only load on hover. I tried setting it in the marker setup box for each marker, but still shows. (home page) Please advise, Alan
  12. Joomla 3.2. In Marker Manager -> Add Marker -> the field Icon Marker is grey. When I click select, the media manager opens. There I can select an image for an icon but cannot insert it. nothing happens. The image url is indicated correctly. The site is still on localhost.
  13. Hello, i decided to give a shot to your module on my new project, since it really offers everything I need. But I have issue; After positioning module on site and making 2 markers, everything i see on map is one marker and it isn't even showing info I wrote in it. Any suggestions? Checked already compression and errors, there isn't any, Thank you in advance.
  14. Hi! I've been using this module on a bunch of websites, always works awesome! But I'm having a weird problem on a new website :( every time I try to add a new marker, the admin for the module closes without giving me time to save, any ideas? Thanks!
  15. Hi, Is there a way so that the InfoBox (Marker) that is opened will be automatically close when other markers are clicked? This is so that there is only one infobox open on the Map. Thank you. Regards, Aihra
  16. Hi people of BT! At first, I have to say I´m very grateful for this GREAT and free Google Maps module. I need to get the markers clustering function working in this module. Is there any way to make that work? Any hack/mod/suggestion would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english. Pablo.- Example of markers clustering:
  17. Hi and thanks for this wonderfull module, probably the best FREE google maps module. I have pictures on info window, but i want them to load up when clicked on the marker and not by default.i guess a line of code somewhere in the jquery, maybe in bt.js, needs changing? Many thanks. Nic.
  18. Love this module but I'm wondering if there is a way to add a site link to each marker in my list? I would like the marker to redirect to the page containing the detailed contact information. anybody have any suggestions? :) Cheers!