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Found 19 results

  1. Hello. I'd like to thank you for your awesome extension, it's really amazing. I would like to know if it's possible to pause transition on touchscreens when you have your finger on the screen, like it does with mouseover on computers. If it isn't possible, may that would be a great feature for a future update ;-) Thanks again for all your great work!
  2. Hi Is it possible to reduce the number of columns (and rows) displayed when the screen size is reduced (eg from desktop screen to narrow mobile screen?) I'd like to show 4 or 5 columns on the wide screen with the left & right navigation arrow, but on a mobile, one column (or 2) as long as it still fits in 1 row would do, instead of having 4 or 5 rows to show the 4 or 5 articles. Thank you
  3. Dear Support Staff, I'm using your plugin really much and like it. On a mobile device it looks great so far, the only thing I recognized there: Columns are not working that well. For example: I choosed a 2 column layout and on an iPhone Portrait View this layout is still visible (2 columns), but it looks not nice and you can't read the text very good. How can I get this responsive as well? I think I have to do something with the class "bt-column col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-6 col-lg-6" ... EDIT: Maybe I have to add that it seems only to occur in combination with Iconbox tag. Means: First I create 2 columns layout, then within each I added an icon box. Thank you very much in advance! Best regards, Daniel
  4. good morning all, i am having a problem with BT Google Maps, it is working all fine and dandy on normal sized sites, nut it is not displaying on mobile at all. Anything that i can check to see why this is happening? Thanks
  5. Hi, How can I resize the logo, which is upper left hand side for mobile (i.e. iphone 5) view? Currently it's to big on mobile. Kind regards, Marco
  6. Hi to everybody, is possible to make the mobile view responsive? I would like to have the articles divided into two columns in the desktop view and in a single column in the mobile view. Thanks for the help Matteo
  7. Team, I recently installed the content slider. It looks good on desktop view. However, when I view on mobile, it only comes up in 1 column only. This leaves a lot of white space :( I would like the slider to show more than 1 column when viewed on mobile device. Please check attached image
  8. Hello, I love this Extension guys. as always I am a fan of your stuff. I need to edit the position of the title and description on a mobile devices as it loads at the top of the page blocking the Logo as well and sometimes not even showing the title. how can I adjust the position in mobile only? The desktop position is fine Thanks
  9. Hello, I have a bt content slider on my home page and I can't scroll vertically over it, it throws me up allways. Actually I found out it doesnt only happens on mobile, it also happens on desktop, if i drag and drop vertically over it, like the mobile scroll is, it throws me up. Can you help me with this? thank you.
  10. I test template on my phone and if you try to scroll down or up on slider modules nothing is happen. This is a problem because if module height is big enough to cover the screen there is no way to scroll down the site.
  11. Hello, I'm using BT Real Estate Template and I need your help with my website on mobile view! I desabled the responsive mode, because I want to see my website on mobile with the same view as I see on my desktop. I send you one example of a website made by us with the mobile responsive desabled but with the same view of the desktop (what I want with the Real estate template) What can I do, in order to do that?
  12. Hi! Your plugin is amazing, works fine! But we noticed that on mobiles, the iframe shows page 404 not found for Facebook Comments. I searched around for reasons why it would do that and found that it might try to go on and of course, it doesn't find the page. Not sure what to do though to solve this. Our website is http://voxinteractif...sponsive-design Thanks in advance! :) EDIT : I managed to get my phone connected to my laptop and inspected and the iframe is like this : <iframe id="f25894557" name="fbfe9a2c" scrolling="no" title="Facebook Social Plugin" class="fb_ltr fb_iframe_widget_lift" src="width=324" style="border: none; overflow: hidden; height: 160px; width: 100%;"></iframe> The src is width=324, that's why it doesn't find it.
  13. I use bt magazine template and everything is working perfect except this... On my phone when i scrolling down on slider nothing happens, and the problem is that i cant do anything at all, i'm locked there and the only way to view the site is live the home page through menu. Why touch scrolling doesn't work on content slider? If there is nothing to do ,there is no reason to have this module on mobile view even if it is responsive because it just don't work with phones.
  14. Hi there, i installed the bt-contentslider module and it works fine on firefox, chrome but the images are invisible on mobile, specifically iphone. The image appears brifely at the beginning of the slide animation and that's it. You can see the page at thx a lot in advance Cesare
  15. hey could it be possible that bt portfolio don't work with smartphone and mobile advices? thx for ur help
  16. Hi, i have a problem with a mega menu mobile view in BT Corporate Template. The problem is: When i open the website with mobile device, the megamenu show the specific version for mobile device, you can like this here: The problem is to open the submenu item, becouse the voice submenu is opened with the mouseover, but in the touchscreen mobile devices is impossible to have a mouseover ... For this reason it is impossible to open the submenu Can I set to open submenus on click (then with the touch of main items)???
  17. I love this template! Is there a way to hid a module, lie the sidebar right position in mobile view? If not is there a way to show a notice in mobile that the user should scroll down to see content? see my implementation at
  18. Hi, I have selected 4 articles per a row, in desktop view it's showing properly and at the same time in mobile alos it's showing properly, but here in mobile view these 4 articles are displying one-by-one(in verticle) So, my requirement is how can i display only on article in mobile. tThanks in advancly,,
  19. Hi, Little question, i've been working on this mobile theme from you, but once i've set my own menu in stead of the demo menu, the template isn't responsive anymore. My text (in K2 and as well in the 'regular' articles) just cut off the mobile side. In the Template Manager the 'Enable Responsive' is on, and I can't see the problem here. Can you help?