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Found 16 results

  1. I have a problem with BT LOGIN 2.6.4 with Joomla 3.8.7, I have enabled the GOOGLE RECAPTCHA 2.0 plugin on the site. In the joomla registration form the RECAPTCHA works perfectly. In the registration form of BT LOGIN (activating global uses) no CAPTCHA appears. How can I solve the problem? Thanks for your help
  2. Hello, when using comments in the BT Portfolio component. The comments form on the front end for a portfolio item uses captcha. It currently says "V1 Shutdown on 2018-03-31" direct site owners to I double checked the joomla recaptcha plugin and it is set to 2.0 so I assume the recaptcha for the commenting is built into the component somewhere and must be updated? I attached a screenshot.
  3. Is it possible to get Recaptcha on the login form or is it only available for the register form. Can someone from support help me with this. Kind regards R
  4. Hello, I have installed BT Login on a website and it works perfectly. I have enabled ReCaptcha on my registration form and this works perfectly too. Now I'd like to have a captcha on the login form too, is this possible? And how can I do this? Thanks in advance for your help, Sabrina
  5. How do I add/enable Recaptcha on the contact forms in BT Property. I configured the global configuration recaptcha and plugin with the site keys. Not seeing where to complete setting it up.
  6. Hi, We used our web page Bt_Login module. Joomla 3.3.6 update after bt_login reCAPTCHA not working. As far as I know the plugin settings are correct because it works on the registration page. How can I solve this problem?, tahnks. best regards...
  7. Hi, The reCaptcha is not showing anywhere on the registration form and if someone try to register they get a message (Warning-Empty solution not allowed.), I have recently upgraded joomla to V3.4; I have never tested before that. By the way I have tried the BT reCaptcha and the native one but none of them working. Also if someone tries to register using the Kunena registration link, it shows an error message sending the activation link, therefore the user's account won't be activated and they can’t use their account. Please help. Thanks
  8. I've updated to version 3.4.0 Joomla. I use the plugin reCAPTCHA version 2.0. Create a key for my domain and ordered them in the plugin settings. If I choose a template BT Arise2, then when you click on the link "forgot password" or "forgot username" error comes: "In the plugin settings reCAPTCHA Unknown public key. Please contact the site administrator.". When I turn on the standard template, all works. Help solve this problem. All screenshots in the attached file. See an error on the page: error with
  9. Good morning, I have a problem with the Google Recaptcha: 1 - The Captcha is working in Opera on the Contact page and comments K2 - but does not work on the Contact page in Explorer. 2 - How do I enter the Recaptcha the login and registration? I enabled the module but is not working. In BT Social Login module there is no Recaptcha and put the Global option does not work, because if I enable recaptcha in joomla global configuration, the K2 recaptcha do not work. How to solve this? 3 - I enabled to use K2's account, but the create account not appear recaptcha. Thanks & Regards.
  10. Hi! I have a trouble with displaying captcha in contact form and in Joomla registration form - there is no captcha at all. But it is in JoomShopping registration form, password reset form, login remind form and in popup registration window (when you click Register in upper right corner - goto to main page and click Register). How can I make captcha visible in contact form and in Joomla registration form? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I started using BT Module on my site for login and registration. This module looks awesome and great. But it has one issue while using recaptcha. I am getting following message while I try to register and go to any page on my site with a form (with recaptcha). Error ReCaptcha plugin needs a public key to be set in its parameters. Please contact a site administrator. I would really appreciate if you can help in fixing that error. For your information I am using Joomla 3.2 with default captcha as "Recaptcha". Thank you, Phani.
  12. Hello first of all thank you for a great extension. It works great. I am having a problem when i have bt login published and enter my contact page which has recaptcha this error shows up: Error ReCaptcha plugin needs a public key to be set in its parameters. Please contact a site administrator. If i turn off bt login my contact us page and all the other extensions that use recaptcha work again.
  13. Hi there, I have set this up on one of my sites that uses the default Joomla "Profile" fields which are extra to the name, username, password and email fields - you can make them required to be filled out in the standard (default) Joomla registration form, but I notice that your registration uses it's own code for the registration form. I have managed to get the extra "Profile" fields into that form, but I can submit the form without filling them in. How do I "force" them to be required fields by BT Login registration form?? The extra "profile" fields are: Address 1 Address 2 (Optional) City Region Country Postal / ZIP Code Phone Also, for the life of me, I do not, can not, find the option to turn on the reCaptcha field in the admin options for the BT Login module - I've attached a screenshot of options page.
  14. I am using BT Login not on Arise on my local server, I have setup K2 integration. Case 1: ReCaptcha disabled When I click registration with ALL or only ASTERISK fields I get an error "You cannot leave the field empty". (I see this in my language so it may not be absolute quote :) ) Case 2: ReCaptcha enabled When I click registration with ALL or only ASTERISK fields I get an error "Wrong symbols". (I see this in my language so it may not be absolute quote :) ) Can you help me, please? :unsure: P.S. Google ReChaptcha works ok when posting a comment.
  15. Hello, Can anyone give me a way to resize the Recaptcha entry box? It is huge right now and I think it looks a bit out of place. My domain is Thanks, Kory
  16. I do not know if anyone else was having this issue or not - but when enabling Recaptcha for comments on portfolios in the BT Portfolio extension the container DIV was not fully expanding to encapsulate Recaptcha. Example: There was an easy fix for me! Edit the style.css file at this location: .:/templates/bt_foto/html/com_bt_portfolio/bt_foto/css/style.css Edit the class .table_body to match the following: .table_body{ clear:both; padding: 0px 0; overflow: auto; } This should fix the issue! Example after solution implemented: I hope this helps someone or maybe the devs can go in and fix the problem ahead of time for future downloads. :)