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Found 16 results

  1. Hello . I'm using this component and got the template . Good and really promising. However I am struggling to make some customizations. Apparently , many involve changes to the code itself . By default, the search module displays the status fields , type , location and price, right? If I wanted to change , change places with the field b field, and need to change the code , since it has not yet this option on the front end , right? I am looking for topics in the forum. But specifically I would like to add two extra fields in a group , instead of the location fields . I do not want these extra fields , which I consider the main stay in advanced search area Could you give me a hand ? This is very complicated?
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to solve this: I search for keyword field (for example "Road"). The search results should be ordered listing first record with "Road" in title field, then the rest of the records. I think this could be very useful, in general How can I do that? Thanks for you help Beatrix
  3. Hi, I'm trying to personalize your component to the customer needs. I just need one field for location I would use the other two (of the three) fields for type and subtype for commercial property (in Italy is a standard...) I already made some "moving" in the code ( I would try to use, with another label in frontend, two fields of location (I think-hope this is relatively easy and would work ...) I would like to move from backend the two fields from location tab to details tab: can you give me some hints on what to take care of? Thanks in advance and compliment for your work... Vivaldo
  4. Hi, first of all great extension. I was wondering what to do to make the search (and relative fields in property) look like the one that is the most used in Italy for R E agency (you can see it here on the left side) Thanks in advance.
  5. Good morning Everyone I am having problems with the search function on BT Property Once you do a search you can not do another one, there is no option to clear the search and if you try select a new area or anything of the sorts it does not give the options in the drop down. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this. Thanks
  6. Hi again! I need to change the look of the search for bathrooms and bedrooms Instead of the values max. and min. make just one - for example, as in "PROPERTY Status" assuming that it is not difficult, but in the code, I do not really understand)) Could you help me? Please!
  7. Hi there - I have a number of images saved with various tags i.e. 'automotive, bmw, 1922' and I can create a menu item which points to the automotive tag - it then displays all items tagged automotive. So far so good. When I search for automotive (or any of the tags I've saved items under), the component returns 'No Results Found' - am I doing something wrong? Surely the search function takes all metadata into account when querying the database? Thanks!
  8. hello... i have bought the template, and my website is can anyone help me how to set the main search field to search as: <form method="get" action=""> AND display result in new window? please advise....
  9. Hello Folks, I love the plugin it works great. One issue we have is it takes up so much of the screen without providing good value. My site is Is there a way to customize this message to ake out most of the language so peopel can see their search results without seeing all of the text? Thank you
  10. I just purchased this theme and it's a great theme. I have a few "minor" issues with this them. I only installed the template did not do a quickstart because I already had an existing site. I installed the template into my site but I also created a quick start demo website on my local machine so that I can use it to copy all of the settings for my site. these are my issues: 1. The "Create Account" Modal Popup in the "head-login" position winds up behind the "Why Choose Us" not sure if that is a Z-index issue but not sure where to adjust it. 2. The "Search" Icon and function does not show up for me like it does in the demo next to the "login" and "create account" icons. I created the Search module and placed it in the "head-search" position and copied the settings from the demo. It is published and set to "On All pages". Maybe there is a different search module I have to use?
  11. Hello, I installed BT Smart Search right now and checked all steps of the manual but BT Smart Search is not shown. I have no idea why. Can you help me? I activated it, start indexing, enable plugin, set a position ... but no BT Smart Search in the front-end Please help! thanks
  12. Hello, I am using BT Smart Search with Joomla 3.2 & when i used it inside the article it won't work. But it will work when i used it in new module positions. Please find the attached screenshot for reference. Can you please help me. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I have installed BT Arise on a Joomla 2.5.7 installation. And I have set up my Joomla on GoDaddy shared hosting. I was using the default Joomla template initially. After I installed BT arise. I am unable to match the design with the template design as demonstrated on the BT arise live demo link. I am unable to figure out how to enable various modules on the template such as social networking, search, and other modules as shown on the live demo link. So far I have figure out implementing the Top Menu, the Slideshow (had to sort out compatibility issues with Joomla 2.5) . Now I am looking at getting it looking exactly like the original template But I am getting nowhere after 2 days of trying. Please please please help me out on how to achieve the design as shown on the demo link. I am new to Joomla and my client is pushing me and I am messing up my set up with each passing day. The domain Im trying to implement this is on Many thanks in advance to all free bees out there, Mudassar PS: Looking at the demand and questions on the BT-Arise template, a user Manual would have helped. But then that would kill the fun in figuring it out ourselves. Wouldnt it? But then again...Would it?
  14. Hello, I installed BTGoogle Maps on my website created with joomla. I wonder if there is some way of entering a search engine, in which you can enter a zip code and map shows the MARKER closest to zip code. Thank you very much!
  15. Top News January 2013 The month was tiring but it was worth it. BT Metro was our big challenge from design to integration and it really took our time. Like someone once said: " Why are beautiful women always so hard to please?". Groaning enough, now let's see what we have done this month: 1. Released BT Smart Search Currently, Joomla website always have a basic site search but it's hard to customize and activate.That's why we make BT Smart Search. With the feature: "one Clik to enable all Finde Plugin and Indexing Data right from the module's backend", you would be convinced using this extension for your website. 2. Installed SSL Certificate From now on you don't have to wonder if your payment information is safely protected by Bowthemes or not. With this certificate, you have 100% guarantee in transaction. It just takes a little bit slow in the payment process but... you know, it's for your benefit. 3. Released "BT Metro" Since the launch of Windows 8, there are uncountable website designers get creatively inspired by the new look of this OS and Bowthemes is not exception. BT Metro is released a bit late but we hope that you can find some differences between ours and other metro-style website template: responsive, easy to customize and very, very fresh look ^_^ You can find out more information at the detail page of this template.