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Found 27 results

  1. Good afternoon to everybody, I have some trouble with this module to slide k2 items in a multilanguage web site. For the items in default language everythings is ok, but for the items in other languages a blank page is show. Thanks in advance, have a nice day Andrea
  2. Hi All, I just wanted to know if there was a way to stop the slider showing on all the individual articles. I have restricted the page, to just the homepage, this works fine, but the slider shows up again once I click on to an individual article. Versions: BT content slider Module Version 2.3.0, Joomla! 3.1.5 Regards, Allius
  3. How to adjust a BT Content Slider (Alternative Layout: frontpageshow) as on a demo? Navigation effect slider.
  4. I'm using the current version 2.3.6 of the content slider module. After updating from Joomla 3.4 to Joomla 3.4.1, the accordion alternate layout isn't working anymore. Nothing was changed in the module configuration. BT Arise II Free is usen on the site. See on the lower left. Thanks for your help
  5. Hello all, i am using BT CONTENT SLIDER MODULE VERSION 2.3.1.....the source is from joomla articles. How can i create a same link for image and title above it ?? Now one have image path link another one is Link A which is links to the page which title has....How can i do it properly??
  6. Great extension, thanks! What i would like to do is only show the read more link in items where the article contains one (if you set the setting to show read more now, it always shows even if the article is shorter then the allowed characters). I tried disabling the readmore and adding my own <a href> but that did not work either. Is this possible ?
  7. Hello everybody, First of all, I know this subject has been discussed many times on the forum. I have seen a lot of responses, but as the solutions do not work for me, I post once more a subject for this. I am probably doing something wrong... As many others before me, my problem is that when clicking on the articles, they appear on the homepage rather than on the article's page. I saw that this is due to the categories of the articles not having a menu item. I therefore created a new menu and a new menu item "Category list", with the category of the articles that I want to see in the slider. But this does not solve the issue. What am I doing wrong? Second question: this means that we have to create as many "fake" menu items as categories? In the slider, I want all featured articles from all categories to appear. This means that I would need to create quite a lot of menu items... This is not really user-friendly. Thanks a lot for your response and sorry for posting the same question again...
  8. I have a problem with Click & Drag (for slider)... When user click on image and drag it left-right (to slide articles), on mouse release, it opens an article. I would like to disable that, so user can use slider all the time, and open article only when they just click on image or read more. Or if that's not possible, i would like to disable links on images, and leave linkable area only on "Read more".
  9. Hi I am having an issue with the slider. When you first load the page, half the article is cut off in the slider, but once the slider slides and moves onto the next article then it shows correctly. It is just the first article.
  10. Please check the above page, links do not work as a 404 error appear. Please help me as I am novice with this extension
  11. I test template on my phone and if you try to scroll down or up on slider modules nothing is happen. This is a problem because if module height is big enough to cover the screen there is no way to scroll down the site.
  12. hello i am using bt content slider but i am having some problem after that configuration. i have set the psosition of bt content slider and after that save setting and click to refersh page thr is not showing slideing. thr is only shows module title and no result. help me to fix hte problem....
  13. Content slider can sort articles by Hits but this is not very useful if you have news site because if some very old articles has to much hits content slider will always show them. It would be very useful if we can have shorting articles by hits of the last week or the last month. Is it possible? Thank you.
  14. Hi - I'm almost done with getting this great extension to work exactly the way I need. One thing - I thought that this was a responsive module - Because it's probably the absolute best module I've found which is performing its task, I'm going to keep using it regardless of this outcome, but I still want to ask: It's not responding to changing browser width(s) or Firefox responsive design view. Is this normal or is it a result of CSS modifications I've performed on it? Whatever you can offer as advise for me to try is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  15. On bt_magazine you use a custom php named blocknews.php for content slider. This php takes the original image for the first "big" image, but this is something i dont want because sometimes images are to big. I change the "row->mainimage" to "row->thumbnail" and now i get thumbnail for the big image but is small like the thumbnails of list items. Is it possible to have 2 different dimension thumbnail creations on this module with the help of php?
  16. Hello, someone can tell me how to place a BT SlideShow Pro on a new article? Thank you!
  17. Hi, headlines slider doesn t seem to work. I changed multiple values in effect sliding (Interval, Animation Duration) but still doesn t work. Currenty these values are set both to 1.
  18. Hey guys, I have an error showing on my website, i'm not sure if it's because of the content slider : Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /home/MYUSERNAME/public_html/templates/bt_magazine/tpls/blocks/mainbody.php on line 14 Can you help me please ? Thanks !
  19. Hi all, I'm using BT Content Slider (very good extension) for showing articles preview to the visitors (not logged in) These articles are for registered visitors only. I corrected a first problem (404 page) modifing the content.php file from $item->link = JRoute::_('index.php?option=com_user&view=login'); to $item->link = JRoute::_('index.php?option=com_users&view=login'); Now the login page redirect to the home page and not to the selected article. I'd like the link to the article that was similar to the following: where "=L25vdGl6aWUvMzItZ3JhbmRpLW...etc..=" is the BASE64 encoded address of the article Can you help me? Thanks Dario
  20. Hello, first of all congratulate you for such excellent extensions. I run into a problem, which is that by creating either a single item or k2, the images are overlaid on the content. I tried to include images in the content of the article, the image upload tool independent ... but I have not been successful. Also try changing the module parameters settings, activating and deactivating plugins, modules, etc ... but neither fuciona. I have also followed the steps in the user guide, but not if the problem is in the way the items are created. Deputy screenshots The URL where I am doing is testing: I appreciate greatly your help to solve this problem and make the content look like in the demo. I am very attentive to your response!
  21. Hi. The question is as simple as the title: is there any way to prevent the slider to be shown in the articles? I have set the module to show in a series of categories and when I click on "Read more..." I see the box with all the articles displayed at the bottom of the page. If a go to an article by any other route (sitemap, menus, etc.) the result is the same. Is there an option for this? Thanks very much.
  22. After I have installed BT content slider in joomla 3.0 I'm getting the below error: An error has occurred. 500 SQL=SELECT AS name, AS id, c.parent AS parent FROM acsld_k2_categories AS c WHERE published = 1 AND trash = 0 ORDER BY, c.parent ASC Please help me to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.
  23. hi all, everything works on safari, firefox and chrome as you can see it here: but if you see the site with ie9 you'll see all photos in line as the scripts would not loaded. i saw the ie9 console and it gives me this error: SCRIPT438: L'oggetto non supporta la proprietà o il metodo 'slides' that means: the object doesn't support the proprerty or the method slides and it points to this line of code: BTCJ('#btcontentslider' + btcModuleIds).slides(btcModuleOpts); is anything i can do ? tnx for your help luca
  24. I am using joomla 2.5. I installed content slider extension but it is not displaying. Anyone can help me? Please
  25. my local host site bt content slider o occurred error JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist C:\wamp\www\Atropical\tmp\install_517aa881bc5d7\language\en-GB.mod_bt_contentslider.ini