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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I would like to have multiple Bt background slideshows instances. For example one for diffent seasons, or happenings. Currently, I can copy the module, but if I delete a picture in the slideshow, it deletes also in the other slideshow module. Maybe this could be an enhancement for a future release. Kind regards, Marco
  2. Hy, I have a big problem about bt property slideshow. Only the first 3 of all pictures show, the 4. 5. 6. is not. Here is my problem: What do you think? What can i do? :( Thank you very much if you help me :)))))
  3. Hi, I need to have the stlye1 from layout setting of the BT Slideshow Pro, but it doesn't work properly. The text disappears and the image is almost fully black. When set to default layout the text appears but the font is looking weird. Where can I influence and correct this? Thank you for your support.
  4. hi there is a problem with the slideshow because I published the module on all pages if the site but continues to be visible only in homepage
  5. Is it possible to have the background slideshow Title and Description text resize for mobile or hide this text/module for mobile display?
  6. Hi Thank you so much for your help When I put a module in "slideshow position" and I set the "show module title" parameter to "Show" in module manager, The module title does not show in that position in front-end. How can I solve this issue please? Thank you again
  7. Hi, I have installed BT Arise on a Joomla 2.5.7 installation. And I have set up my Joomla on GoDaddy shared hosting. I was using the default Joomla template initially. After I installed BT arise. I am unable to match the design with the template design as demonstrated on the BT arise live demo link. I am unable to figure out how to enable various modules on the template such as social networking, search, and other modules as shown on the live demo link. So far I have figure out implementing the Top Menu, the Slideshow (had to sort out compatibility issues with Joomla 2.5) . Now I am looking at getting it looking exactly like the original template But I am getting nowhere after 2 days of trying. Please please please help me out on how to achieve the design as shown on the demo link. I am new to Joomla and my client is pushing me and I am messing up my set up with each passing day. The domain Im trying to implement this is on Many thanks in advance to all free bees out there, Mudassar PS: Looking at the demand and questions on the BT-Arise template, a user Manual would have helped. But then that would kill the fun in figuring it out ourselves. Wouldnt it? But then again...Would it?
  8. Hello There! I search for this solution all day, but i cant find it. So the main problem is: i cant place any module position next to the slideshow. I want the slideshow width near 540px for example, and align to left, and next to the right an other module position, which can be anything (custom module, or content slider or anything) I read near all the topics but can't find the solution. This topic was near the best: But not working with the slideshow. What I did and it not works for me: 1. create new module position next to each other problem: the slideshow not working, or the two position has equal width (50%), and can't control with css 2. placed the slideshow module to user1 and other module to user2 positions. Same as above, width always was 50% (the user2 module can controlled by css becouse of the module class suffix, but the slideshow module does not have this option) 3. any other trick and hack what I can do, but nothing work. Can somebody help me? ("what-i-want" picture attached)
  9. Hi, I found the code for the text that flies out on the front page slide show but where can I find how this stuff is automated and what all comands do. Can it come out from the left and display on the the right side of the screen?
  10. How can I make the all other page slideshow also show on the home page? I don't want the home page slideshow that large. How does the home page know to show the big slideshow in the template? The smaller slideshow is on ALL pages but does not show on home page. So, is top-content1 not defined on the home page? It is using the default template layout. Thanks.
  11. Hi there - this component looks great by the way. We are just having an issue to get the slideshow working on j2.5 - thanks -
  12. Hi, Purchased this extension for client with understanding that we could pull in Flickr galleries with extension. Having trouble creating second slideshow - although the images are different, how do we add to an article so that it shows the 2nd instance of a slideshow? Right now it will only pull in original module. Need way to add more than one slideshow to website articles. Please let me know what the code is to show different slideshows - can there not be an ID attached to them somehow? {loadmodule mod_btslideshow_pro}
  13. Hi, Finally I've almost done with this site but now I have an issue with new banner and slideshow. I create a new banner on position-7 but the template create a bigger space than the banner it self. The same issue if for the small slideshow on position-5 Here as attachment 02 pictures with the issues. Please help. Here the link of the site:
  14. I noticed that only the first dot has a preview. Rebuilding the images did not have effect on the other images Could someone at BowThemes have a look at it? (temp site) Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, I'm currently using 2.3.3, it was all working but it randomly decided to stop. When I upload an image, the progress bar appears and finishes 100% but nothing happens, the image does not appear and I'm left with the default "no image avaiable" (it's spelt Available by the way). Any ideas? See attached for a visual representation. Regards
  16. Hello, In the slideshow the button "read more" doesn't appear under the description. Is there some code to put in the description? Thanks in advance
  17. Hi, I set up a BT Portfolio, which works fine on Firefox, Opera and Safari. but not on the Internet Explorer. I searched for help in the Forum, but couldn't fix the problem... Here's the site: The slideshow doesn't work. Thanks for your help!
  18. Hi. All doing great with this fab extension. The problem is that pictures aren't being displayed in slideshow. The thumbs are doing ok but i can't figure it out about the slideshow. Some help needed.