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Found 5 results

  1. Because i noticed that the old version of bt login that I use (2.6.0) is not comptible with Kunena, I try to upgrade bt login to the latest version. I downloaded that version, and i try to install with the Joomla installation manager. It completes succesfully, but the old version is still active. is there a workaround available? And as i said, I noticed that the old version is not compatible with Kunena Forum, is that a known issue? your’s sincerely, Robin
  2. When I install the upgrade 3.1.0 I get this. Had the BT Construction Quick Start installed to start. Warning Duplicate column name 'alias' SQL=alter table fgz25_bt_portfolios ADD COLUMN alias VARCHAR(255) after title; Error Error installing component
  3. Hi, I just upgraded to Joomla 3.6.3 and now the facebook moderation is not working anymore(inline moderation and fb app moderation). When I opened the page source the fb:app_id and admins are missing. Facebook debugger shows the same thing although these options are enabled in the plug-in. Errors when the plug-in is loaded: CSI/tbsd_ CSI/_tbnd perf_trace {"name": "e2e", "parent": "PageEvents.BIGPIPE_ONLOAD"}
  4. Hi all, i'm planning to upgrade my website to joomla 3 from joomla 2, so i need to upgrade BT-google maps to version 2.x from version 1.020 actually installed. I've noticed in new version there are a lot of new parameters so my old maps made by bt-gm 1.x does not work. Is there a way to convert my maps to version BT-GM v2? I've a lot of maps i don't want do it manually.
  5. I was running com_bt_portfolio_j2.5_v1.2.5. I upgraded to com_bt_portfolio_j2.5_v1.5.3. Once I did this, my portfolio categories still existed and displayed, but none of the portfolios were visible. Everything seems ok on the backend. Once I reinstalled com_bt_portfolio_j2.5_v1.2.5 I could see the portfolios again. Any idea what is going on? I would like to use the latest version as I can actually add metadata to it.