Which T3 package for BT Travel?

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Dear sir/madam,

I have just purchased the BT Travel template and I am trying to install it on my localhost using XAMPP. The BT Travel user guide tells me that I need to install the T3 Framework first. Could you guys help me out where exactly I can download this? I have found this: http://www.joomlart....p?do=cat&id=361 - do I just download JA T3v2 Blank for Joomla 2.5(11.07 MB) quickstart and enable that in the Joomla Plug-in manager?

Thanks in advance!

Yours sincerely,


PS: does the BT Travel quickstart package include the T3 framework? If that is the case, I'll install the quickstart instead!

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Yes, in quickstart package has included plugin T3 framework, our module, component used in template, when you install quickstart package, you'll have a site as our demo.


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Hmm thanks for the reply, I have tried to install it but it does not work (load of errors). I followed this tutorial. I tried to install the Quick Package on my localhost using Xampp, this is what I did:

1. install XAMPP 1.7.7 with apache and mysql

2. go to c:/xampp/htdocs --> create new map called 'joomla' --> paste files of bt_travel_quickstart_j!25_v1.0.2 in the map

3. go to localhost/joomla, choose English (united states) --> click next to agree

4. go to localhost/xampp --> phpmyadmin --> create new database: btdata --> go btdata --> privliges --> add new user | Username: Walter | Host: local | Password: ***** --> grant all privliges on database 'btdata' --> check all global privileges --> click go

5. go back to localhost/joomla, enter: hostname: localhost username: Walter password: ****** table prefix: bt_ --> remove any existing tables from other joomla installations --> next

6. ftp configuration --> next

7. Site name: BT Travel test --> e-mail: --> admin username: admin | admin password: ****** --> default english GB sample data: install sample data --> next

8. remove installation folder

9. go to administrator, this is what i see:

10. login --> view site:

What did I do wrong?

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