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I have not yet purchased your portfolio extension. Can it link each thumbnail directly to a different pdf file or url, without going to the individual portfolio page? Or do you have a simple gallery extension that can do that?


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Dear Ana,

Thank you for your interesting in Bowthemes products.

At present, our portfolio extension don't support this feature but it's not very complicated to do that. If you purchase this extension, we will change it for free as you wish.

How to send a request? After buying, please login and submit a ticket here

or just post other topic here



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Does your extension have the option to 'LOAD MORE' I have a portfolio which consist of over 50 products (and growing) so do not want the 'SHOW ALL' to literally show all as it would make the page scroll on forever?

Also am I right in saying that the portfolio will allow me to add unlimited amounts of images to a portfolio and display in a slideshow format?



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HI Darren

I'm Trong. Extensions Supporter

Let me support you but i don't really understand you mean with "a portfolio which consist of over 50 products". I understand it like that you have a portfolio that has over 50 images and you want to have a Load more button to load images with out all of them.

I think it is possible but i must ask our developer for solution if it is easy and takes a little time, we will help you, if not we will recommend you for customize service with a small cost.

And i sure that amount of images in a portfolio is not unlimited because capacity of data field is not unlimited. But several hundred images is possible

Thanks for your question and i hope my reply make you pleasure.



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