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Dear BowThemes Team,

a french speakin' sorry in advance.

1. BT Tabs and Quick Contact

Just this topics to know how i can update the Title of the Tabs from BT Tabs and from BT Quick contact. (see in below)

I've just bought the BT Travel pack and thoses option doesnt up when i change the module.

Question :

Where do we change the name of the tabs ?



2. BT Gallery

I've change the place of the BT Gallery module to "Hotel-Flight" Module, but it s seems that he doesn't want to fit the place.

Question :

Is it possible to do this ?

Question 2 :

If not, do you guys know a good module to add to showcase random images from the gallery ?


Thanks in advance for your further answer


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As my remember, I've fixed this problem before. Is this right?

please send me your url and super admin account to email:, I'll check it for you,

(please assign this topic in email too)


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