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Search filters not updating

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Hi there,

I'm restricting the Joomla Smart Search to K2 only and have created three filters that represent specific categories I'd like users to be able to search on.

When I first setup the plugin, there was only one category filter.

However, BT Smart Search has not picked up on the additional category filters on the frontend - they do show on the backend. I've selected 'none', but it still stubbornly refuses to show anything but the originally selected filter.

See screenshots attached.





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I'm sorry i don't really understand your problem.

Did you mean: selected filter isn't showed in the module like it's configed in back-end?

Notice: when you choose None for Search Filter and choose show Advanced Search. it will show all taxonomy.

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Thanks for the reply,

You've helped already, but I'm still struggling to get this setup the way I want. Because I only have content in K2 I only want to see K2 filters - not Author, Language, Content or any of the others.

At the moment on the front-end, I'm seeing all filters (see attachment 'front-end-search.png')

My smart search filters are setup like as per attachment 'smart-search-filters.png'.

And the module is setup as per attachment 'smart-search-module.png'

Where am I going wrong?




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I did setup same. It's works as you see in my attached images.

So please give me your admin account, url and include this topic's url via I will check it for you



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