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Hello, first of all congratulate you for such excellent extensions.

I run into a problem, which is that by creating either a single item or k2, the images are overlaid on the content. I tried to include images in the content of the article, the image upload tool independent ... but I have not been successful.

Also try changing the module parameters settings, activating and deactivating plugins, modules, etc ... but neither fuciona. I have also followed the steps in the user guide, but not if the problem is in the way the items are created.

Deputy screenshots

The URL where I am doing is testing: www.mpradaestudio.com/clientes/cootracar/

I appreciate greatly your help to solve this problem and make the content look like in the demo.

I am very attentive to your response!








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I know this problem.

The reason is : in default setting, the slider use modal to show up images, each image has class "modal"

But your template has other style for this class, so it is override.

I can't show up exactly where , what file this style is defined.

I need a exactly URL of page that has the module published.


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