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Link showing k2 component instead of K2 category

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Hi first of all congrats for the great extension!

I am using K2 items and categories with subcategories. I have use the slider to show some K2 items belong to a category and works fine.When you click an item from the slider, it takes you to the K2 category and show the item.Therefore you can click on other items from that category using the menu i have on the left.

The problems starts when i have another slider, that i need to show k2 items belong to a category, ( News) that belongs to a general category, (projects) (projects/news/items). In this case the items are shown as supposed to do, but when you click an item is opening iusing the K2 component page! So you end up with a non SEF url, and no side menu, of that category.

Is this there any way to fix this, or this is a limitation because of category nesting?

Thanks in advance

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As i see in your website, you are have 3 BT Contentslider on home page.

One above and two below. When i click a link on above module, i have link : ../news/item/.. With this link i see a menu on right side and menu item News is highlight.

But it's not same with 2 below ones.

I guess this problem is you haven't yes assign articles of 2 below modules to any menu item. So the links don't contain Item Id that is very important in Joomla to determine pages and publish or not published module. Example here is the menu on right side.

So please try to assign your k2 category or items to a menu time, you don't need a show it on site, but you can publish the menu module on this menu item.

Sorry for my english. I hope i can help you.


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