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Please help me..

1. I want to change the header to "Book with us"

2. I want to remove the annoying gray bar below the header.

3. How do you put a text inside the date box with "Check in date" and "Check out date" ?

4. How do you put multiple options? I tried ";" "," they won't work.

5. How can I put the "Adults" and "Rooms" beside Hotel Partners so it will now have blank space.

Thank you in advance.

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to do those:

1, it is your module name, you can change your module name to: "Book with us"

2, to remove gray bar: in quickcontact module manager, basic options, choose "no" in step progress bar.

3. you may click to calendar image to choose date instead of type to input.

4, after a value, you must have character "|" (value in radio box, check box)

5, because your text is too long for it display beside this input, so can to do that, you may remove class suffix "_qc_nolabel" in advance option to display all label in left.

Know more about quickcontact module to use, see here:

And you should to read our template guide document and video tutorial to use our extensions before ask many thing simple like that.

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