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Mark Paningbatan

Logo problem

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I followed this step but I still get the orange bar on the side of the logo. See the image below for the result. I want to move it more to left. See my website

I followed this step and tried to change somewhere in code but cannot solve it.

1. Change logo:

To change the BT Travel logo, please rename the image which you want to do: t3_logo_light_17.png and replace image in location "...\templates\bt_travel\images" and if you want to change the size of logo, open file ..\templates\bt_travel\css\template.css (line 1271) and edit:

you can change size of class:

for consistent with propety of class "h1.logo a"

if you want to change background color of logo, please open file:

...\templates\bt_travel\css\template.css (default color)

or ...\templates\bt_travel\themes\"your profile color"\css\template.css (profile color are: brown, green, cyan, olive, orange)

and find class: h1.logoround then change background color.

2. Change footer:

open file: ...\language\en-GB\footer.ini


you can replace value in "href" by your link (exp: current value is: # , you can replace by: or other link.

3. Change favicon:

copy your favicon icon to: .../plugins/system/jat3/jat3/base-themes/default/images

or ...\templates\bt_travel\images

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