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Hi, I have BT Twitter Feed installed and published to display in innerright position in my template, on several pages. The title displays in the position correctly, however the feed is showing at the very bottom of the page. The feed is correct, just not showing in the module position correctly. You can view this at:



scroll to very bottom of page, you can see the feed there. It is supposed to be displaying beneath the Title 'Latest Tweets' in the innerright module position. (The title is correct and displaying in correct position).

Do you have a solution to move it to correct position? Thanks.

(The website is j3.0.4, template is JSN Dome PRO, BT Twitter Feed v1.1)

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Hi Wendy.

I'm sorry for my late.

Today i open to your pages and see the module is showed on right position on both of the pages.

So i don't understand your problem?

Was it solved or exactly, what is problem?

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