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Activating BT Login causes error in BT Metro on J3

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Running Joomla 3.1.1 with BT Metro. I installed the extensions, which came with the BT Metro package. When activating BT Login I get the following error on the frontend:

Fatal error: Class 'JParameter' not found in /home/.sites/704/site1092/web/modules/mod_bt_login/mod_bt_login.php on line 133

When I disable it again, the site works fine. In line 130-138 in the mentioned file I find:

if ($enabledRecaptcha == 'recaptcha' && $user->id ==0) {

// create instance captcha, get recaptcha

$recaptchaPlg = &JPluginHelper::getPlugin ( 'captcha', 'recaptcha' );

$recaptchaPlgParams = new JParameter ( $recaptchaPlg->params );

$publicKey = $recaptchaPlgParams->get ( 'public_key' );

$captcha = JCaptcha::getInstance ( 'recaptcha' );

$reCaptcha = $captcha->display ( $publicKey, '' );


The ReCaptcha plugin is installed, published and has the corredt public and private keys.

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Thank you - good to know. I downloaded the BT Metro pack including extensions last week. I actually expected to have the latest versions in there. However, I will be happy to update to the latest version, if you tell me how to do this without having to pay again(!) for the extension.

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