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I have the facebook likebox on my joomla 2.5 site and its working great! I want to customizing it to match the color scheme and I want to remove the text in the header box. I unzipped the .zip file that I had originally downloaded and was going to try to edit that. Using firebug on firefox I customized the design and figured out that what I want to do is as follows:


Delete lines - <div class="uiHeader"><div class="clearfix uiHeaderTop"><div><h3 class="uiHeaderTitle">Find us on Facebook</h3></div></div></div>

change - .uiBoxDarkgray {

background-color: #630715;}

change to: #630715

The problem is, I cant seem to find the files to do these edits =/

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HI Ryan

I'm sorry i can't help you because whole FB likebox mark up is created by javascript within a iframe. So i can't change its text, we can only choose show or hide some elements, choose Themes...

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