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Hey guys, BT Content Slider is awesome! I have a question about a possible modification.

Let's say I create several articles with some simple custom HTML, using an image and a caption below it, both elements linking to another page on my site (in my case a Mosets Tree listing).

When I include these articles in a category and allow the Content Slider to use it, I want to leave the markup I have in the article intact - instead of the default Joomla way, which grabs the image, sets the link to the article itself, grabs the text and removes the link completely.

Is this possible using your component making a few edits myself? Is this something I need to change in Joomla's code base? Am I completely out of luck?

Thanks for your advice.


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HI Jeff

I am very sorry for my late.

I don't understand your problem clearly.

But i can give you few instruction.

To customize query to get database, you can see in folder /classes/ with 2 main sources: k2.php, content.php, they inherited from btsource.php

3 these files define query to get data and process it.

To customize layout, css you can find /tmpl/default.php and /tmpl/css/contentslider.css

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