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hi ! (hope you'll understand my quite-bad english)

first : congrats for your really great extensions !

i'm having some problems with Falang translations, which doesn't work at all (upload, titles and description fields, ...) to translate Slideshow modules.

i checked i'm using latest versions of both BT Slideshow Pro and Falang... that's right !

but i really need to translate my modules asap...

what about BT releases around Falang component ? is there any way to make it right ?

thanks by advance for your quick answer, and hope to read good news from you soon !


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I have few questions before finding a solution.

The module allows you enter image's title and description. Why don't you enter your language? You won't need to use translator.

Or if you choose a article as content of an image, was it translated before you choose?

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hi tronghm !

first, would like to thank you for your quick answer !

in the mean time, i found the way to solve my problem !

and i'll explain below, for others who need a similar solution...

what you suggest is the good way !!!

no need to "translate" this kind of module with Falang (or another one)...

Joomla 3 offers native language management, so :

1/ duplicate your "original" module

2/ set the language of your "original" to your main website language (and not "all languages")

3/ set the duplicate module to your "second language"

that's all !! (really simple in fact...)

in that way, the right module will appear depending on the selected language on your website...

hope my explainations (combinig with my english level) are clear enough !

thanks again for all !


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