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*It's time to Shine like Diamonds*

Showcasing your website by Bowthemes template

This section is dedicated for Bowthemes member


So you’ve done your own website using Bowthemes Templates. We bet you are excited to let people here to know about your artwork. Or if you still wonder how it looks like from other’s eyes and wish to improve website interface. Hence…don’t stand in the shadow. It’s time to showcase your creativity and unique style…

…Okay you got me, Bowthemes Team are curious too :P During support time, we’ve been surprised by too many beautiful designs from Bowthemes members and would like to see it all in one place.

To make things a little easier from the start, we'd love that you will follow this format:

*When starting a new topic, the subject should be Site Name/Category - Template Used, e.g. Bowthemes/Joomla stuffs J– BT Metro. We also suggest you to start your post with the following information:

Website URL

Additional Extensions (Components, Modules, Plug ins):Bowthemes extensions and third party extensions are acceptable, with or without link

Custom Development:

Other Features:

Any specific areas of my site that I'd like feedback on, if any

Additional Comments

As with all things new can we start off like this. If you've got any suggestions, comment here or email us at Also, if we find aspects of this are not working we'll change it to make it easier.

Looking forward to seeing your work,


Irene PH and Bowthemes Team

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