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Bowthemes Forum Guidelines and RulesAre you looking for quick support and helpful stuffs?

Welcome to the Bowthemes Support Forums

Whoever you are, THANK YOU for participating in Bowthemes forum, one of the most friendly forum support about Joomla CMS. Today we introduce to you our forum rules and guidelines, which is one of transparency and mutual respect. We’d greatly appreciated all members who wish to join, share their problem, or have their own ideas to do so!

Our main purpose is having transparent and common sense approach with forum posting and moderating. Before using or participating on the forums, please do familiarize yourself with our forum guide. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Bowthemes support team.

Ways to get quick answer

• If you are paid member, logging in by your VIP or Membership account allows you to create topics on “Commercial” forum sections. If you haven’t purchased yet, it’s alright, please become a free member to get 100% free and friendly support from us.

• To keep your message private, you would better request support using ticket system (only available for Vip or Membership). Here’s the link: If you expect solutions from other Bowthemes members, keep up with forum post.

• Try a forum search before starting a topic with a question: simply put keyword in the search box on top-right corner of the forum. The keyword is maybe error’s name, product’s name.

• Post topic in the correct Forum section. Each section is named by relating Bowthemes product. For example, question about BT Arise template should be posted in and so on. Ensure that any posts in on-topic.

• “Optimize” your topic title: It can be [status/Kind of problem]problem/error name+product name

• Send any account issues or problems you have to support, in the most detailed way possible. Information we need are:

  1. Website URLs
  2. Bowthemes product that you got trouble with
  3. Error screenshots
  4. Error warning scripts
  5. Joomla admin account, FTP account (optional). Keep your personal information secure by sending them via email to: (for template issues), (for extension issues), or send them using ticket system (only for VIP or Membership member) .
  6. If you purchased our template through Envato Marketplace, please email us your order information so that we can activate your VIP account on

• Post your question in English or use simplest words possible of your language, for example, Spanish, Russian… As you may know, Bowthemes members come from all countries in the world. For better support, sometimes we have to use Google Translate.

• Be active and positive! Help out new users with any questions, and share your feedback. Show respect to other member, CS staffs and refrain from personal attacks, refrain from posting spammy content on the forums. If threads become personal or heated towards a member, or staff member the post will be deleted and further actions may be taken.

Ways to get your post deleted on sight or failed to notice

• Spam our forum. These topics will be removed and users will be banned without warning.

• Try to obtain any kind of material support, donations, aid, etc. Such topics just increase the risk of scamming and identity theft and draw Bowthemes members to wrong attention, despite their initial good intention (if exist). They’ll surely be locked.

• Post duplicated topics. Bowthemes staffs will delete the duplicate to keep the forum clear.

• Self promote on the forums. Please bear in mind this is Joomla forum for Bowthemes products, promoting outside services or competitors is not allowed.

• Post any threads discussing or link to piracy and/or ware sites. Post deletion and account ban are immediately rewards.

• Go extremely off the topic of the thread in question. We understand the forums are a fun place and a little off topic chat never hurt anyone, but the mods may step in to steer the direction if needed.

• Talk, mention, link about pornography, violent themes, sexism, racism or other unlawful subjects, even as a “joke”. Members will receive warning and the post will be killed. Further violations can escalate to account freezes and bans.

• Attention: do not send support request via PM. Your request can be ignored. Abuse of PM system will lead to account ban.

[The forums operate with light moderation, but we do have a flagging / complaint system and a team of moderators and admins, and we investigate every single complaint. We reserve the right to remove, modify or move messages at any time. Our decision is final in these matters]

Forum Warning and Ban Policy

We will temporarily or permanently ban members from the forums for repeatedly break our rule or doing any other form of bad behavior. Forum bans will usually be temporary and will only be used when other alternatives have already been looked at and have not been successful. If your account has been banned (temporarily or permanently), you will still be able to browse the forums, but not be able to comment or post new threads. Moderators may (in some cases may not) contact you at your registered email address in the event that your account has restrictions placed on it with further information.

Testimonials, Advices, Constructive Feedback

We cherish all testimonials, advices, and feedbacks, will take note and respond to any opinion given. If you have any issues or something you’d like to discuss privately please do not hesitate to contact Bowthemes Support Team via contact form or email support. We are all ears. If you have questions about the forum, please let our staffs know!

Be Up-to-date

While visiting Bowthemes forum, don’t forget to drop-by Bowthemes Announcements section. All important updates and new product info will be brought to you there!

Last thing: Be Cool and Have Fun

We encourage you to above all be easy, get to know your community members, and enjoy all that we offer on Bowthemes forum. You will sooner realize that this is friendly place with plenty of talented people and we’d love to see you participate!

Thank you for your time,

Bowthemes Team

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