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Birle Dan

[Solved] BT arise mainnav change language

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I made a multi-language site; i added the english and romanian flags and i did what was written here in a thread regarding the diffrent themes for diffrent languages.

I have 5 menus for 5 languages and all menus are asigned for position-7.

I want the mainnav to change language asweel: instead of having all menus on position-7 to have them on of mainnav position. As far as i've read mainnav doesn't have a position and if i dont have one i cant change mainnav language.

Can you tell me how i can change the language of mainnav ?

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Hi Dan,

Below is a guide to create main menu for multilanguage

Step 1: Install Language pack

- In Extensions > Extension Manager > install language pack.

Step 2: Define Content Languages

- In Extensions > Language Manager > Content

- For every language create a "content language":

+ Go to administrator > Extension Manager > Language Manager > Select Tab Content > Click New.

+ Fill the field: Example for language French

Title: French

Title Native: French

URL Language Code: fr

Image Prefix: fr

Language Tag: fr-FR

+ Click button Save.

Step 3: Enable & Configure "System - Language Filter" plugin

- In Extensions > Plugin Manager

- Config plugin "System - Language Filter"

Status: Enable

Menu associations: Yes

Remove URL Language Code: Yes (for SEO)

Step 4: Create Menus (every Language own Menu except language default)

- In Menus > Menu Manager

- Create a menu for every language:

Title: French Menu, Menu Type: frenchmenu

- Do not change "Main Menu"

Step 5: Create Menu Items & Menu Item Association

- In Menus > [language] menu > create some menu items:

- Menu Item Type: [choose Type]

- Menu Title ("menu button") + Alias ("title in URL")

- Menu Location: [select "language menu"]

- Language: [select "content language"]

- Set Default "Homepage" in every language menu: Click in Menus > Menu Manager [language] on "default" star to set language flag

Step 6: Create new theme for new language (Apply for only template of T3)

- Go to Template Manager > Select your template > Choose Tab Profiles > Choose the theme that you want > Click on the arrow and clone new theme (Ex: default-Fr).

- Click the theme that you create. Lable Menu Type: Select Menu for your language that you create at step 4.

- Click button Save.

Step 7: Assign language for theme that you have just created in step 6

- In template manager > Select your template.

- In Language & Page Assignments

Column Pages. Click to Add > Select your language. Click button Select.

Column Profiles. Choose theme that you create in step 6 (Ex: default-Fr).

- Click button Save. (See file attachment)

Hope you success


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I followed the instruction but failed from my localhost side. I created 2 languages they're EN and VN. when I select VN language then the mainnav showed ok , but for EN, the main nav disappeared. Please help

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I have the same problem! - and also one language menu is not visible - I'll try to do two menus on one menu and assign items to languages ;-(

ok .... I have works for me, I did one menu and there menu items in two languages. The main item in a second language is an external link ... Strange is this template (not menu position) and it can not be duplicate(multilang). Template sees only one menu or the UK or PL.

Otherwise, for me does not work. Link to a screen grab:'> page:

Secondly menu has only one position articles highlighted, menu items are associated in one menu ;-)

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