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I purchased the BT Media Gallery for a client. He wanted to display galleries of both his Flickr and Vimeo albums. Your component seems like the ideal solution. However I run into some problems when I try to use the 'Multiple Add' function. I can select both the 'Get from Flickr' and 'Get file from Vimeo' options.

When I select 'Username' for 'Get file from Vimeo' I enter the username. But then it (Ajax?) fails to load the Vimeo albums.

In the case of 'Flickr' I can actually select an album. But when I press the 'Get images' button I can see it's 'loading'. I will then say 'complete' but nothing is there...

Can this be a conflict with another component or am Ioverlooking something?

This is Joomla 2.1514 and PHP 5.3.23.

Thanks for suggestions. In case you want to have a look I can supply you with a login for the website.

Best regards


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Hi Marco.

I have few questions.

1. With Vimeo, Do you use username or user id to get videos?

Current version of BT Media only support user id, ex: user15700123, you can see this id on url of your profile page.

We will upgrade the component to support this feature.

2. With Flickr, our developer gave me a supposition. This is you got images and save them, but after that, the image files are deleted from server. So when you get images again, the component queries to database and it detects the images saved, it doesn't get images any more

With problem we need your admin account to check .

Please send your information via private message.


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Solved the issue for now with help from Trong. It appeared to be a block for external urls at the hosting company.

"allow_url_open" = 0 should be set to '1' or 'on' in my case.

I'm good for now, thanks!

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