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I need to reduce the amount of blank white space displayed at the bottom of the content slider. How can I change the default height of the content slider.

I have set the "auto adjust height" to auto and it adjusts to the height of the individual articles, however the amount of blank space at the bottom is still too much.

Plus, I do not want the slider to auto adjust height. I simply want to reduce the over all height of the module.

Attached is an image . . . please note the excessive white space between the content slider and the next module. The content shown is the largest of the articles being displayed by the slider.



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The height of the module belongs to height of items.

It will height equal item max height.

If you set Auto adjust height by Yes. It will change the height equal with max height item of each slide.

So to reduce the bottom gap, you can check margin , padding or the module.

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