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Module Positions?

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Hi Guys,

I bought Membership, because i like the BT Galery Template.

In your "Details" for the Template I can read, there are 20+ ModulePositions.

I bought membership.

Now I want to add few Modules - and think by myself: "Somethings going wrong".

I search for nearly half a hour, till I found a Info in the forum, where i can find Infos about Modulepositions.

I go to downloadArea, and have had a look to the manual.

And - DAMN - I see, there are only 4 (FOUR!) ModulePositions.

So, if I´m not really completely dumb - please tell me, where I can find the other 16# ModulePositions...

See screens for more information.



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We are very sorry for this misunderstanding. This information on BT Gallery template is not exact. Our template supports only 5 module positions. If you would like to add another module positions, please let me know. I will guide you through.

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