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BT Content Slider Module - Toggle for Title Link

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At the moment I use your module several times for different applications throughout my site and which I need the title to link to the corresponding article.

However, one of my applications is showcasing an art gallery with an image, the title and a short intro text describing the art item. I do not want visitors to click on the title link, nor do I want Google to follow this link since these articles are not used as actual pages, nor part of any menu; they are used simply to showcase an image, title and intro via the article source.

To accomplish this, I presently have had to copy your module and rename it, use it for this application instance above and remove the <a> link tags within /mod_bt_contentslider/tmpl/default.php so that I can remove the link for the title tag for this module only. I have done this in this way so that I can continue to receive proper future upgrades for my other BT Content Slider Modules, and then of course I would have to manually change my modified module above with the new upgrades.

It would be very nice if you could include in your future release an on/off toggle to have the choice of removing the link on the title. I have tried many modules like yours and deem it the best one, however others have this functionality, whereas yours doesn't.

I would be happy to help program this for you if you would seriously implement it into your next module release. Please let me know if it is possible that this may be incorporated in the future releases.

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