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When I try to change the MODULE STYLE, it isn't 'happening'. I am creating my own style in my template's style sheet, that isn't a problem.

When I assign a module style to bt-slideshow-pro, it is NOT putting it anywhere in the <div tags>, for example, here are the div tags:

<div class="module mod-box mod-box-default deepest" style="min-height: 391px;">

<div style="clear: both;"></div>

<div id="mod_btslideshow_pro_95" class="box_skitter mod_btslideshow_promod-blank" style="margin-bottom: 50px; width: 920px; height: 341px;">

Attached is a screen print of my admin backend page, where you can see the module class is being set, shouldn't that be included in the div class module tag?




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Hi Laura.

This is a little bug of BT Slideshow Pro.


Find and replace "module_class_suffix" to "moduleclass_sfx" in files: mod_btslideshow_pro.xml and layout files in tmpl folder such as: default.php, style1.php or you only need to edit one layout file that you are using.


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