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After Update to 3.0.7 >> No pictures at the overview

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Hi there,

I read this entry ( and thought, that everything will work fine - but it doesn't! :-(

I use Joomla 2.5.19 and there was the version 1.5.8 installed (I think) and then I installed the 3.0.7.

At the overview of the items at the frontend, there is now only "no image" where for a few minutes are my images... :-(

At the backend they were shown...

I tried to delete one of it - successful - and start uplaoding a "new" (the old) one, but when I tried to save, it's gone... :-( It seens, as the pictures weren't saved... Is there a problem with folderrights maybe?

I also tried to build them new with the function at the backend - nothing...

Please help me! What can I do?



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Hi Stefan

I replied your ticket and fixed it.

Let me paste its content here for someone who has same problem

This error is you upgraded the component form very old version to newest.

Some sql files don't run show there is problem with database.

I upgraded it by run SQL query manual.

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