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On bt_magazine you use a custom php named blocknews.php for content slider. This php takes the original image for the first "big" image, but this is something i dont want because sometimes images are to big. I change the "row->mainimage" to "row->thumbnail" and now i get thumbnail for the big image but is small like the thumbnails of list items.

Is it possible to have 2 different dimension thumbnail creations on this module with the help of php?

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Hi There.

I'm Trong - Extensions supporter.

Let me explain a little about how the module get image.

If you set "Use Intro Image" by Yes.

The main image will be article's intro image (that you can set in article's edit page). If intro image is not set, the module looks up next Full text image.

If full text image isn't also set or you set Use Intro Image by No, the module gets first image in article's content.

That is main image, you can decrease size of images that i said above to decrease size of images in blocknews layout.

And the thumbnail images will be crop from main ones with size that you can set in the module's manage page.

Finally, I hope my reply will help you solve the problem.

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