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The BT Content Slider is really amazing. It works like a charm, looks great and ....... it fitted just right into the template i am using :)

I use it to display a slider with K2 articles and this brings me to the one and only thing i missed in this really amazing module .....

Would it be possible to add an option so that one only has to select the main (K2)categories and that one would have an option "include subcategories" "yes/no". This would be just perfect because then one could add the main categories and wouldnt have to adjust the module settings with every sub category that would later be added.

Thanks for an amazing and wonderful module!!!

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Hi Huub.

I think that you complete can do this with K2 categories parameter.

This parameter show all k2 categories as tree, you can see what is parent, what is child category.

And chose theme as "main category" and "sub categoreis".

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Perhaps i wasnt so clear in my request, let me try again :)

I know i can now choose as source K2 categories and then pick all the ones i want either k2-category or k2-subcategory, but .....

Let's imagine i have a categorie named "Sport" and two subcategories named "Swimming" and "Soccer".

If i pick only "Sport" as source i wont get the items in "Swimming" and "Soccer", so i have to pick all three to get all items far so good.

But if i add a k2 subcategory, for instance "Golf" then those items wont be added unless i return to the module and add it as source.

My request is something i have seen in some other modules ...... there you pick as source the category (for instance "Sport") and have a seperate item "include sub-categories" that can be "yes" or "no".

If you pick "yes", then each time a k2-subcategory is added it will automatically be included in the Content Slider module.

Have a wonderful day!

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Hi, first post for me, I hope my english is good enough.

I really like this plugin, I'm actually using it.

But it will be very more useful if the slider can me chose to:

1) get subcategories, not only K2 ones, but also for joomla categories

or (and)

2) specify IDs category to exclude (maybe in a field, like many other plugins)

I don't want to show all categories on slider. If I add a category I must add it even to every module with the slider.

The request 1 OR the 2 would solve my problem.

I'm posting here because I think this is a similar request as the author's one.

Thanks for your work.

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