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Because we work with big numbers, is it possible to display the prices with the thousands and hundreds separator (a dot or comma) ?

For example 2500600$ showing up as 2.500.600 $ (the decimal places are not necessary).

Since we are using the Value Range option in the BT portfolio filter, if we put the price with dots or commas in the extrafield Price in BT Portfolio component the search results return nothing.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Diogo,

You can also do it yourself. You can go to the file:

- templates/bt_real_estate/html/mod_bt_contentshowcase/themes/default/default.php line 212

- templates/bt_real_estate/html/com_bt_portfolio/bt_real_estate/layout/list/custom.php line 159

- templates/bt_real_estate/html/com_bt_portfolio/bt_real_estate/layout/detail/detail.php line 100

add function number_format for $field->value: $field->value --> number_format($field->value)

Hope you can make it on their own success.

Best regards,

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