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Single Column Slider - width issue

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Joomla 2.5.24 with BT Slider 2.3.5 here.

My understanding is that setting to width=auto will ensure the module will fill the width of the parent div? Well, I have set width to auto....

BUT setting the columns to "1" always forces the width of the module to maximum, even though it is configured as auto. This pushes or squeezes the main K2 component over (bad!)

If I set Cols > 1 (i.e. 2,3 or 4) the width of the module is fine and I see the selected number of columns. The width issue only happens when setting Cols = 1.

You can see this issue at this development site:

1 Column Problem :

2 Columns OK :

Hope you can help please?

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if I create a CSS rule

.slides_control {width:auto!important}

then I can solve the problem, but I have used BT Slider on may occasions and not seen this issue before.

Any comments?

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